Guided Reading Enrichment and Tools

Teacher to teacher for our students' sake!

Thinking of our English Language Learner students, we know that we need to provide opportunities for them to develop their English language as they learn academic concepts.

How to take advantage of our guided reading time to provide the support they need?

Join us to dig in on how to create a great guided reading lesson that is not only going to benefit ELLs, but all the students in the class!

We will be talking about...

  • Guided reading structure for each specific grade level
  • Strategies /tools that can be used to support ELLs (and the rest of the students too!) during the guided reading time
  • How to plan the guided reading lesson

We will have a G.R.E.A.T. time. Guaranteed!

  • When? This coming Wednesday, January 15th during your conference time

  • Where? ESL room, 502 (Beside the elevator)

  • Who is invited? All teachers are welcome. Consider yourself our special guest if you have bilingual and/or ESL students in your class!

  • What to bring? Please bring your iPad or smart phone, since most materials will be shared digitally.

Our facilitator for the day will be Kim Kilam, 1st grade Dual Language Teacher AND former literacy specialist. Thank you Ms. Kilam for being willing to collaborate with us!