My Summer Plans

By Caleb Jacobsen

First Topic: Mowing

This summer I will be mowing my house, my neighbors house, my aunt's house, and my great grandma's house. The only bad part is one house takes about 4 hours to do and it gets really muddy to because it is in a low spot.

Second Topic: Sports

I will also be lifting weights, and going to various basketball and discus camps. The discus camp is in Colorado Springs and has some of the top throwers in the world.

Third Topic: Shingling

This summer I will have a part time job shingling. I have already helped my family shingle so I know it is not fun. I will be working for my uncle who does shingling as a side job.

Fourth Topic: Vacation to Kansas City

My family will probably go to Kansas City because we have family, and I hope we also get to do some of the more fun stuff in Kansas City.
SEA@KC: Royals walk off on Butler's dramatic home run

Fifth Topic: Exercising

I want to stay in shape over the summer so I hope to run a mile 5 times a week for the whole summer.

Sixth Topic: Video Games

With all the other things I am doing over the summer I hope to still have time to play Video Games