Relationships with Others

"Chapter 18" By: Abby Timm-Haworth

At a young age they first learn to relate to their parents and other family members. If your child has more contact with other people increases as your child becomes older.

Their social goal for them as a toddler is to like and trust people and for people to like them. As children move from the self-centeredness of toddlers to the greater independence of preschoolers, they experience rapid social development. Eventually the interests expand beyond their home and parents. They increasingly seek out other children their age as playmates. If their school-age children spend more and more time away from their family, whether in the classroom or playing with their friends. As they keep doing this they see themselves as a member of a group.

Their are many organizations that can help with a child's sociableness with others.

Adolescents interact with many people other then family and friends, it can include teachers, counselors, religious leaders, employers, neighbors, and community leaders.