Dolley Madison

By: Jade Graves


Do you know who Dolley Madison is? Well after this you will. Dolley had a large family married twice and had two kids. Did you know that we would not have The George Washington Portrait if it weren't for Dolley Madison? Have a out ever wanted to be the First Lady? Well if you do you will know what it's like after this.


Dolley Madison came from a large family. She married twice and had two kids. Growing up she had two older brothers and five younger siblings! She was the oldest girl of all her siblings. She called her mom "Mother Amy." She was born in North Carolina in 1768. She married John Todd at age 19. She later married James Madison.

Pictures of Dolley and her family

Washington's potrait

Did you know whew would not have The George Washington portrait if it weren't for Dolley Madison. During The War of 1812 the British came to burn the White House in revenge for the burning of York. Dolley save silver goods and other expensive items, including all James Madison's governmental, and presidential papers. She also saved The George Washington portrait painted by Gilbert Stuart. She had the painting torn from its frame and rolled up at last minute. Very soon after she fled the White House. They loaded the trunks and baskets of papers and silver goods into a carriage along with Dolley and the rolled up George Washington Portrait. Soon after they left the White House it was burnt to the ground by the British.

The George Washinton Portrait

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Fun Facts!

* Dolley is often misspelled Dolly

*As a child Dolley had a gold pin from her grandmother that she treasured, but one day she came home crying because she had lost her gold pin, but she got a new one.

*Dolley pressured James Madison to fund the exploration of Lewis and Clark.


In conclusion those are three things about Dolley Madison's life. That she had a huge family, was the First Lady, and saved The George Washington Portrait. I could have chosen other topics, but those are three that interested me. So those are three things about Dolley Madison and her life as the First Lady.


  • Governmental- The act or process of governing; specifically : authoritative direction or control.
  • Treasured- Keep carefully (a vauluble or valued item)
  • Presidential- A system of government in which the president is constitutionally independent of the legislature.
  • Expensive- Costing a lot of money
  • Government- The governing body of a nation, state, or comunity.


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