PreK's January Newsletter

Theme 5: Stories and Rhymes

During the next four weeks, we will be discovering stories in many forms and formats. Children will explore traditional and modern rhymes; stories delivered through poetry, chants, and ballads; and stories from many cultures. Sometimes children will sing the stories. Sometimes they will role-play the stories, making the characters come alive through their actions. Sometimes they will change familiar stories to create their own. Prepare to hear reports about the wonderful characters they are meeting.


As we begin this theme, children will recite and learn many traditional nursery rhymes. Sometimes we give them a bit of a twist like Dr. Becky Bailey has done with "Wonderful Woman." This poem is a new version of the traditional poem "There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe." Learn this one and enjoy reciting it with your child.


Children will begin to collect data and organize it in simple graphs. We use tally marks to keep track of our data. You will also hear your child using ordinal numbers (first, second, third) to indicate order. Help your child practice at home with a simple sorting activity. Make an observation. For example, say: The glass of milk is bigger than the salt shaker. Ask your child to identify something else that is bigger than the salt shaker. Continue and then switch to smaller objects. Say: My carrot stick is smaller than the salt shaker. Physically sort the objects into two groups or keep a tally mark count. Repeat the activity with other comparing words, such as longer and shorter, thicker and thinner, heavier and lighter.


We continue to work on Theme 4, Choices. We will being this theme on January 24. Red bags will continue to come home on Monday and back on Thursday. If you have any questions or concerns contact your teacher.

Thank you,

The PreK Team