Travel Journal

By:Caleb K. 1st per

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this is a picture of the Government building.

Mexico City (entree #1)

Here I am in the capital of Mexico, known as Mexico City.

I am here to study the government of Mexico. The government buildings are called the Federal District Buildings. The current president is Enrique Pena Nieto. He told me he started office in 2012, and he will be in office until 2018. Presidents can only serve one six year term.

Mexico is one of the most important financial centers in North America. Mexico City was built on the ancient Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan. On the streets, I can see more people protesting for rights. The citizens are not liking Mexico's government.

I learned lots of things about in Mexico City. I hope I can come back and learn more!

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A picture of me at the port.

Havana, Cuba (entree #2)

I just landed on Havana, Cuba. I am here to study the Economy in Havana.

Cuba has a diversified economy. Cuba is a place for tourist. It is also he main economic source in Cuba. Havana is the center of industry in Cuba.

One half of the Cuban exports go through Havana. On the way to my Hotel, I saw lots of sugar plantations. I decided to check it out. I went down and saw tons of sugar for export. The owner of the field told me that sugar is their biggest export, and it controls three fourths of their exports. I thanked the man and I headed to Downtown. When I reached downtown, I saw lots of fishing boats. A few people from the boat said Cuba is part of the fishing industry, and it is easy to access because the ocean is close to them.

The city's economy first developed on it's location. It is one of the most early trade centers in the world.

I really enjoyed Havana. This place is great for tourist. I hope I can learn more when I return.

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ticket to the Galapagos Islands.

Quito, Ecuador (entree #3)

Here I am in Quito, Ecuador. Quito is the capital of Ecuador. I am here to study the geography of the area.

Ecuador is one of the smallest countries in South America. Ecuador got it's name from equator because the equator runs through the country. West of the equator are the Galapagos Islands.

I got tickets to go to the Galapagos Islands. I took a boat to the islands. I was traveling on the equator. The Galapagos Islands are known for their plant and animal life. I walked in the forest. The guide told me that the islands have the most interesting animals. I saw lots of Iguanas, lizards, and birds. I thanked the guy for the tour, and I headed back to Quito.

Quito is found in the northern highlands of Ecuador. I can feel the hot weather. If you are going to Ecuador, you should wear sun screen. It is really tropical. The average temperature is 18.7 degrees Celsius. The city is 2,850 meters above sea level.

I enjoyed Ecuador. I hope I can learn mere when I return.

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A picture of me at the Carnival celebration.

Rio de Janero, Brazil (entree #4)

Here I am in Rio de Janero, Brazil. I am here to study the culture and people of Brazil. I am also here to study the the famous Carnival celebration

On the way back from the airport, I saw the statue of Christ that stood in above the city. On the way to the hotel I saw the Maracana Soccer Stadium. I decided to stop and visit the stadium. The stadium is really round. The man at the front desk told me that the stadium can hold 220,000 people, and Brazilians love to play soccer.

I went to the Carnival celebration. It is really crowded there. I can't find a seat, so I decided to stand up. The parades are really colorful. I really liked the celebration.

Most of the people speak a Brazilian form of Portuguese, and most of the people are Catholic.

I enjoyed Rio de Janero. I will return next year for the Carnival Celebration next year.

Venezuela Entree #5

Just landed on Venezuela. I want to learn more about their history.

I visited a History Museum in Caracas, Venezuela.I took a tour around the museum with a tour guide. The tour guide told me that rebellion swept across the Spanish Colonial Empire. Simone Bolivar led the rebellion against the Spanish. The guide said Simone helped Venezuela get independence in 1830. I saw a few pictures of the Caudillos. They governed Venezuela, in the 1800s and 1900s. When I saw the picture , they looked like they were treating the people really harshly. The guide said Venezuela has been a democracy since 1958. The Guide said oil prices rising in the 1970s made the country money,, but in the 1990s, oil prices dropped and the country suffered. The guide said they elected Hugo Chavez as President, and he changed the constitution and the economy. In 1999, the country voted for the new constitution.

I saw a Simone Bolivar statue so I took a picture of the hero of the rebellion.

I enjoyed Venezuela. I hope I can return to Venezuela again.

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A statue of Simone Bolivar.