Makeup, Fashion, Nails...

All new trends By: Delaynee Guerra, Stafford Middle School

What We Talk About

In this flyer, I will show you about anything you will want me to talk about. For example I can and will talk about Makeup, Fashion, Nails, and more! You can tell me anything you want me to include on this flyer with the comments at the bottom of the page or flyer. :) Below will be some pictures for examples. :)

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This Makeup is "Pretty in Pink" :)

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I call this Makeup look "Clue" :)

Flowers! :)

Flowers are very pretty and creative for anything you do. I gave my teacher Mrs. ****** some flowers for Valentines day, and she loved them! But the most pretty flower is the Bluebonnet. Why? It is the great flower of my awesome state, Texas! <3

****** = my teachers name that i'm not apposed to give you :) , not cuss word!

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My Beautiful Bluebonnets! <3 :)

Nails <3

Everyone likes doing their nails pretty and perfect. :) including me! LOL But I like doing my nails because you get to show people how you feel and things like that. And I like to show boys how creative I am with kind of like paint. I have my eye on a guy that maybe likes me back! :)
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I Love Splatter Paint Nails! <3

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And I Love Cheetah Print!! <3 :)

Video's :)

Here is a video about how to do "Water Spotted Nail Art"! <3 :) But you have to have some kind of Hand Sanitizer that sprays! You can get these at a Pharmacy or Walmart. :)

And The next video is a How to: Galaxy Nail Art with MissJen.

Water Spotted Nail Art
How To: Galaxy Nails!!!

Now we have these awesome new sketches!

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I call it "Wild in Blue"

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"Snazy Prom"

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This one is my Favorite! I call it "Gone with the Wind" <3 <3 :) :)

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