Prep 1

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Curriculum Letter - 'Clothes'

Dear Parents,

Over the next four weeks the children in Prep 1J will be learning about ‘Clothes’.

This unit is part of the Early Years program of the International Primary Curriculum. Children will investigate about the different types of clothes and the various ways of using fabrics. The curriculum is divided into four groups or ‘strands’ — these are called ‘Independence and Interdependence’, ‘Communicating’, ‘Exploring’, and ‘Healthy Living’.

For our Entry Point (Thursday, April 7th) we will be looking at different kinds of clothes and fashion and the various ways we can mix and match clothes using our imagination. The children have been asked to come in dressed in their favorite clothes and will participate in a huge dress up party! Look out for the fun photos in our next newsletter!

Independence and Interdependence

The children will explore traditional clothes from around the world helping them to understand diversity; that people in different places use clothes in a variety of ways. We will look at clothes from the four main cultures in Singapore: Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian.


We will look at patterns in fabrics and textures —We will also be carrying on learning the sounds letters make through Jolly Phonics and how to form our letters correctly we will be looking at the sounds h/r/m/d. The children will also be creating their own patterns on fabric, employing a variety of processes of art and craft. We will be looking at artists who use patterns in their work such as Kandinsky, Mondrian and Van Gogh and how these artists have influenced trends in clothing and fashion. We will look at different patterns on fabric from around the world.


The children will at environmental patterns in nature and animals find the similarities with patterns on clothes. We will look at clothes that people wore in the past and the clothes what are worn in different climates.

In Mathematics, the children will be encouraged to think logically about pattern rules and use the manipulatives in the classroom to continue and make their own patterns. The children will be encouraged to explain, listen to others and ask questions about patterns. The children will also be looking at number bonds to 10.

Healthy Living

The children will have the opportunity throughout this unit to develop the skills of making choices, paying attention and concentrating. We will continue with our virtues program to help the children cooperate, share and solve conflict.

In Chinese, we will be working on Unit 2 “My Senses”

· Learn about the five senses

· Learn about different parts of the body

In Music, we will begin a unit titled “Beautiful Band”. Pupils will consolidate all their knowledge, skills and understanding of a variety of percussion instruments, and create ensemble pieces using all the instruments they have been learning about in the previous term.

In PE, the children will:

  • Be able to perform simple running, throwing, and catching activities with control and coordination
  • Be able to use a range of methods to communicate with others including verbal and non-verbal
  • Develop a range of gymnastic skills which they will be able to use in isolation and during sequence-work

As we are looking at clothes from around the world the children will have the opportunity to talk about clothes from their home country, if you have any clothes or other textiles from your country that you would like to share or talk about, please speak to your child’s class teacher.

By the time your child has worked through this unit, we hope they will have achieved all of the learning targets and that they will have a greater understanding of clothes and will have enjoyed the learning experiences. If you have any questions about the work that your child is going to do, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher.

Kind Regards,

The Prep 1 Teachers

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Thursday, April 7th, 2015; Entry Point: 'Clothes': Wear your favorite clothes to school!

As part of our Entry Point for our new IPC unit, 'Clothes', children will be asked to come to school dressed in their favorite clothing. The outfit can be anything they love - such a play clothes, costumes, PJs, or national dress. We will also have a dress-up shop set up to explore. If you are interested in donating anything to our 'Clothes Shop' (shoes, socks, hats, costumes, pants, jumpers!) please send in to your classroom teacher. As always, we sincerely thank you for your time and support.
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Request for a White Pillow Case

As part of our 'Clothes' unit we will be creating our very own piece of clothing. Please send in an plain white pillow case with your child so they can design their own masterpiece!