The Life of Walter Mitty

Using daydreams as the text structure Walter Mitty has a low self of steam, little confidence, and is a Vitim of other people.

Walter Mitty shows low self esteem

Walter Mitty allows everyone to put him down, and make him feel bad about himself. When a lady hear Walter Mitty talking to himself, she looks at him and the lowers Mitty's self esteem.
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Walter Mitty has little conefidence

Mitty never speaks up to people, he keeps everything to himself. Walter Mitty has very little confidence, that is why he daydreams, also he wants to feel important.
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Walter Mitty is a Vitim of other people

He is always being put down by hes wife. She says "Your Driving to fast", when Mitty is daydreaming, Mitty uses daydream to get away from he's wife. The parking lot attendant yelled at Walter while he was daydreaming, for being in the wrong lane.
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All of these reasons are why Walter Mitty daydreams.