Don't be lame, mourn your pain


Are you an emphatic and have a great caring for people? Are you kind of weird and don’t mind dead bodies? Well, then you should be a mortician. Being a mortician isn't always embalming a dead body, but it’s about helping the family members and also the deceased. By helping the deceased you are helping someone who can’t help themselves. Another good thing about the job is that the decreased can’t talk back. You get called in at all hours but you’ll always helping someone. You get paid a good amount of money also, about 61,500 dollars a year. The key to being a mortician is to watch what you say, if you do that and can hold yourself together when people loss a love one then you’ll be great at this job.

More Facts


1.Helping people who can’t help themselves

2. the dead is Careless about what they look like

3. You get to help a family who lost a love one.