By: Jacob McGrath

-What a person in this career does

A Pyrotechnic Deals with the science of exothermic (Relating to a chemical reaction that releases heat) reactions for the product of heat, light, gas, smoke, and/ or sound. Pyrotechnic not only Manufactures with fireworks but also deals with demolition, quarrying, safety matches, etc.

-Why you chose this career

I chose Pyrotechnic because I find Explosives fun to use and see how they are made. Plus making fireworks could be fun and interesting to see how they are made.

-Experience/Skills needed

I think that you would need a lot of hand eye coordination so that you are able to create and use the fireworks/ Explosives. You would need to have a lot of skill with explosives and fireworks. You would also need a lot of experience with safety.

-What branch of science most of this career falls under and why

I think it falls under Physical because it deals with chemicals.

-Something you found interesting about the career:

I found that PyroTehcnics also make explosives, Matches, Flare Guns, Etc, interesting