What's Happening in the Library

Great Books! Great Ideas!

Hello from the library!

Although we have experienced quite a few snow delays, we have been busy in the library. Kindergarten students have been reading all about the different seasons. First Grade and Multiage have been starting to learn how to select a "just right book." Our Second graders have been researching different topics using World Book Kids, our online encyclopedia. Third graders have have been exposed to a variety of electronic databases and e-books including MyON.

New Books! New Books! New Books!

Coming Soon: MakerSpace in the library!

There is more to the library than books. We are in the process of adding a MakerSpace to our library. What is a MakerSpace you may be wondering? It is an engaging space which allows students to create, collaborate, and explore! We are seeking the following materials to help our MakerSpace get started:

-cardboard (of all shapes and sizes)

-duct tape

-twine or string


-bottle caps

-extras from craft projects you may have

We can't wait to share pictures of all our creations!

Ms. Jarvis