Hudson Hawk Band Updates

Week of 9/20/21

Last Week of the 1st Quarter

This week will be the last week of the 1st Quarter. Please help your student make sure ALL work is turned in for EVERY class so they can be academically successful and able to participate in all band activities for the 2nd quarter. I will be updating our band gradebook over the weekend and will include all assignments that have been turned in through Friday, September 17th. Finish strong!

Band Fest Rehearsal for Wind Symphony

Wednesday, Sep. 22nd, 5-8:15pm

510 Stadium Drive

Garland, TX

Wind Symphony students will travel by bus to Williams Stadium to rehearse with the other GISD middle schools for the upcoming Band Fest performance.

The BAND FEST REHEARSAL ITINERARY can be found at the link.

Fall Intersession Plan

Shortly after Fall Intersession, we will have our Beginner Band (10/13) and Advanced Band (10/27) Fall Concerts. We hope that all of our students will spend time practicing over the Fall Intersession and Fall Break to keep up their skills and ensure their embouchure muscles stay in peak shape for the concerts after the break.

The band hall will be open Tuesday-Friday from 1-4pm during intersession for students who want to practice together, pass off things (music, scales, alphabet masters, rhythm rockers). Students are not required to attend, but I wanted to make the space available for anyone who would like to work together. Please use the back door/band hall (#11) to drop off and pick up if your student comes up to practice during intersession. I hope to see many of our students that week!

GISD Band Fest

Monday, Sep. 27th, 6:30pm

1209 East Centerville Road

Garland, TX


Wind Symphony students will perform. An itinerary will be available for the day's events soon. Family, friends, and community members are invited to attend the performance. You will see ALL 7 GISD high school bands perform their competitive halftime shows, ALL 12 middle school bands perform an individual song, and ALL 12 middle school bands perform together on the field. Purchase a ticket for $5 from any Wind Symphony band member or contact Mrs. Becker to purchase additional tickets.

A huge bonus is that our band gets to keep 100% of the profits from any tickets we sell. We've got 250 tickets available and can get more if needed.


Practice-a-Thon Donations & Volunteers

We kicked off our Practice-a-Thon fundraiser in all band classes this week. If you would like to help with donations of food, drinks, etc. for the Practice-a-Thon party or volunteer your time as a chaperone, please use the SIGNUP GENIUS to fill the band's needs for this huge fundraiser.

All students have received an envelope with a Practice-a-Thon Fundraiser Packet and can start asking for sponsors now!

If you missed the Booster Club meeting on 9/13/21, you can see the recording below for more information about upcoming band events and the Practice-a-Thon.

Booster Club Meeting & Fundraiser Check In 9/13/2021

October/November Practice Challenge

In an effort to motivate our students to complete regular practice, we will be implementing a practice challenge for October and November. Students who turn in their practice records ON TIME (end of the day every Monday) with 140+ minutes for each week in October and November will be invited to a special party in December. The practice log that starts this challenge will be turned in on October 11, for minutes practiced over the Fall Intersession and Fall Break. Students are expected to practice for 140+ minutes over those two weeks combined and will submit one practice log for that time frame when we return on October 11. I hope this encourages our students to keep up their practicing and turn their assignment in each week on time!

What Should We Be Practicing?

Practicing should happen daily to help build coordination and muscle memory and retain progress. Students should practice sitting in a real chair (preferably one that doesn't roll/spin), using a music stand, with a metronome. Please make sure woodwind players are properly swabbing out their instrument at the end of every practice session to keep their instruments clean!

Beginner Band:

Flutes - Headjoint Exercises (open, low, high), tonguing, BAGF and Bb on whole flute (first notes page), Rhythm Rockers unit 1-3 , Alphabet Masters level 1 & 2, HOT CROSS BUNS

Oboe/Bassoon - Bocal Majority boot camp book Unit 1-3, Rhythm Rockers unit 1-4, Alphabet Masters level 1 & 2

Clarinets - Tonguing on mouthpiece & barrel, Finger wiggles, clarinet first notes page, Rhythm Rockers unit 1 & 2, Alphabet Masters level 1 & 2, Sound Innovations pg. 5-6

Saxes - Tonguing on mouthpiece & neck, BAGFE on whole sax (sax 1st notes page), Sound Innovations pgs. 5,6 & 7, Rhythm Rockers unit 1-3, Alphabet Masters level 1 & 2

Trumpets Alphabet Masters, alignment/posture, breathing-blowing, low-high buzzing, Rhythm Rockers Unit 1 & 2 (lines 1-5 mouthpiece and instrument), Sound Innovations pg. 5 & 6

French Horns -Alphabet Masters, alignment/posture, breathing-blowing, low-high buzzing, Rhythm Rockers Unit 1 & 2 (lines 1-5 mouthpiece and instrument), Sound Innovations pg. 5 & 6

Trombones -Alphabet Masters, alignment/posture, breathing-blowing, low-high buzzing, Rhythm Rockers Unit 1 & 2 (lines 1-5 mouthpiece and instrument), Sound Innovations pg. 5 & 6

Euphoniums/Tubas -Alphabet Masters, alignment/posture, breathing-blowing, low-high buzzing, Rhythm Rockers Unit 1 & 2 (lines 1-5 mouthpiece and instrument), Sound Innovations pg. 5 & 6

Percussion - Counting assignments 3 & 4 due in Canvas(Major Grade), work through counting and playing though Lesson 5 & 6. Practice in front of a mirror and make sure that the angle of your stick is correct and that you are getting a FULL STROKE for each time you play!

Symphonic Band: Alignment/Posture, Longtones 1A, Concert Bb, F Ab, and Eb scales, rhythm chart 1-5, Machine 1, Imperial March, 7 Nation Army, ESPN

Honors Band: Alignment/Posture, Longtones 1A, Set1 Opt.1, Concert Bb, Eb, F, and Ab scales, rhythm chart 1-6, Fight Song, Imperial March, On Your left, Hey Song, 7 Nation Army, Creatures in the Attic, Midnight Madness

Wind Symphony: Long tones, lip slurs, scales (ALL - including chromatic), All-Region music, rhythm charts 7-8, Star Spangled Banner, Don't Stop Believin', Shake it Off, Armor of the Mystic

Reminders from Previous Updates

ALL Smores In One Place

If you would like to bookmark the link below, I will be adding the weekly Smores to this page so you can reference every week when you need to without digging through old emails. You can also find the Smores on the band website and on your students' Canvas page for band.

ALL Hawk Band Updates

New Band T-Shirts

We are continuing to give out band shirts to students as they make payments towards their band fees. A minimum payment of $10 will allow your student to receive their shirt. Cash, check (made out to Hudson Band Boosters), or Paypal in Charms are available payment options.

We have given parent shirts to students whose parents have made the payment for their shirts as well. If you have not received your shirt and believe you should have, please contact Mrs. Becker.

Car Decals & Yard Sign Orders

The Booster Club has started selling Hudson Band car decals and Hudson Band yard signs. The designs can be personalized with your student's name and instrument if you'd like. We will be taking orders from now until October 15. Please allow 4-5 weeks to receive your items. Use the forms below to place an order.

Car Decal Order Form

Yard Sign Order Form

Instrument Usage Fees in Skyward

If your student plays a school-owned instrument (oboe, bassoon, tenor/bari sax, French horn, euphonium, tuba, percussion, and select others), their district school-owned instrument usage fee is reflected in their Skyward account now. These directions to submit an online payment in Skyward should help you with completing that payment. Please let Mrs. Becker know if you have questions.
Using the Charms System for Band

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