Friday Review

Friday, September 29, 2017

What's New?

Look out! PBIS Rewards electronic management system will be here soon!

Shout Outs

  • Shout out to the 8th Grade for volunteering to roll out the use of PBIS Rewards electronic management system. They are trying the system and will report successes and challenges to the other grade levels shortly.
  • Shout out to the 6th Grade for leading the way in chocolate sales! Keep selling!
  • Shout out teachers for providing constructive feedback to each other during Learning Focused PD on Wednesday. This feedback from your colleagues will help you grow and help our students be successful.
  • Shout out to the Girls Volleyball Team for their win against East Hoke at home this week!
  • Shout out to the Safety Committee for a great meeting this week- Dan Hersey, Dawn Salzlein, Kurt Oswald, and Shannon Brayboy. Please take your safety concerns to these staff members.
  • Shout out the whole staff for making a hectic Friday wonderful! We survived clubs, Code Blue, Wacky Wednesday pizza at lunch, and TLC.
  • Shout out to the PBIS Committee meeting the week to work to roll out our new PBIS Rewards electronic management system and working to make PBIS successful at Spring Hill. Those members are Jeffery Quick, Dorainer Davis, Kurt Oswald, Shannon Brayboy, Jamie Bream, and Michelle Williams.
  • Shout out to Michelle Williams and Jamie Bream for attending the PBIS Chairs meeting on Thursday. They are leading my learning new ways to enhance PBIS at Spring Hill.
  • Shout out to April Chavis, Cassandra Johnson, Andrew Wedlock and Tiffany Spencer who participated in PBIS Module 1 training on Thursday and Friday. They are sure to learn new strategies to teach appropriate behaviors that can be shared with their teams.

General Reminders

  • An increasing number of students are getting left by their bus. Let us make every effort to ensure students are leaving your class on time.

  • Please be reminded that it is a district expectation to enter grades in PowerSchool on a weekly basis. Parents, guardians, and student use the Parent/Student Portal to check grades and should be able to see their up-to-date progress.

  • Please be reminded if you are to be out of work, you must CALL or speak to Mrs Lewis and notify her of your absence and then complete an absence form from Ms. Kingston. Once you have approval from Mrs. Lewis, you will then enter your absence in AESOP!

  • To join the Sunshine Club you will need to pay a one time $20 fee to Ruth Ann Harris or Debbie Mears by September 29. The Sunshine Committee delivers sunshine during good and bad times. This may be in the form of flowers, cards, gifts, food, etc. The following staff members have already joined: Jamie Bream, Dee Motz, Tina Snell, Danny Gallagher, and Ruth Ann Harris. We are shooting for 100%!

  • Please be reminded that you should make parent contacts before writing a student up or scheduling a CFST, if the behavior is not a major offense.

Western Carolina University’s School of Teaching and Learning

Western Carolina University provides online opportunities for your advancement in Special or Gifted Education through several programs.

Professional Development Credential (PDC) is an online opportunity to address real issues in today’s classroom. Choose from one of these 5 critical focus areas: Creativity and Differentiation, Response to Intervention for Social and Emotional Behavior, Collaboration with Families and Professionals, Autism, and/or Technology. Each area consists of two online courses and will earn a professional development credential (PDC). The courses can also be applied to a master’s degree or CEU credit.

AIG Licensure- A four course sequence that leads to an add-on license in gifted education.

Masters or Arts in Education (MAED) for those who already have an initial licensure in elementary, birth through kindergarten, special education or a content area. Three concentrations are available.

  • Gifted, Creative and Innovative Education (30 hours)
  • Mild to Moderate Disabilities (30 hours)
  • Severe Disabilities (33 hours)

Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) for those who do not have a degree in special education or an initial teaching license, two concentrations are available and both lead to licensure. This program could be a benefit to paraprofessionals who have a Bachelor’s degree and are interested in professional development. Students may take the initial part of the program for initial license and if desired, continue on to earn a master’s degree and advanced license.

  • General Curriculum (Mild to Moderate Disabilities) 42 hours
  • Adapted Curriculum (Severe Disabilities) 42 hours

For students enrolled in our master’s program, scholarships, research and professional development travel grants are available! For example, the Invest in Teacher Scholarship allows students to take their first class for free.

Consider these reasons to earn a master’s degree in special education:

  • Teachers with master’s degrees become leaders in the field of special education or gifted education.
  • Teachers with master’s degrees provide excellent mentoring and support to new teachers.
  • Teachers with master’s degrees are often hired for leadership positions such as curriculum specialists, behavior specialist, placement specialist, and lead teacher
  • Graduate school provides connection and camaraderie with others in the profession.
  • Graduate school provides great resources and assistance for teachers who apply for National Board Certification.
  • Graduate programs keep professional educators connected with research and new developments in the field.
  • A master’s degree is a stepping-stone to a doctoral program in education.
  • Well-prepared teachers produce higher student achievement and are more likely to stay in the profession (NCATE, 2006).*

Students with teachers with master’s degree may outperform other students. For example, national data for fourth and eighth grades indicate that students whose teachers have a master’s degree score higher on reading assessments than those with teachers holding a bachelor’s degree.**

For additional information visit; Facebook search wcusped, Like Us!

Contact Lisa Bloom at (828)227-3288 for interest in Gifted Creative and Innovative Education, Mild to Moderate Disabilities or Professional Development Certificate or Karena Cooper Duffy at (828)227-3285 for interest in Severe Disabilities/Adapted Curriculum

*NCATE. “What Makes a Teacher Effective?” (2006) Retrieved from http//

**National Center for Education Statistics( Department of Education) 2009. 2007-08 Retrieved from Schools and Staffing Survey

**The Nation’s Report Card (2011) Retrieved from

We will follow the early dismissal schedule on Thursday, Oct 5th for Parent Teacher Conferences. See Attached.

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October 2017

Monday, October 2- Administrative PLC at 9:00am; Volleyball @ Sandy Grove

Tuesday, October 3 - ELA/SS/Science Grade Level Subject Planning, Bullying Training with Students during Electives; Faculty Meeting 3:45 in the Library; Golf @ Bayonet; Volleyball vs Carver at SHS 5:15pm

Wednesday, October 4- Student Support Services Meeting at 9:30am; Learning Focused PD "Learning Goals" during planning periods; Football @ Home vs. Hamlet @ 4:15pm (Admissions: D. Salzlein & M. Quick; Concessions: D. Motz & L. Fehlman; Monitor: Brooke Hasty)

Thursday, October 5 -Math Grade Level Subject Planning; Assessment/PDP Due; ½ Day for Students: Parent/Teacher Conferences 1pm - 6pm (Lunch Provided)

Friday, October 6- Required Teacher Workday- District Wide PD

Monday, October 9- Administrative PLC at 9:00am; Volleyball Pep Rally 2:30pm; National School Lunch Week Begins; Volleyball Playoffs TBD

Tuesday, October 10- ELA/SS/Science Grade Level Subject Planning; Special Faculty Meeting in the Library 3:45; Golf @ Deercroft

Wednesday, October 11- Student Support Services Meeting at 9:30am; Grade Level/Team Meetings (as needed); Learning Focused PD during all Planning Periods; Football @ Home vs. Cordova

Thursday, October 12- Math Grade Level Subject Planning; Cross Country @ Home; Volleyball Championship

Friday, October 13- TLC; National School Lunch Ends; Club Day

Saturday, October 14 - John Blue Cotton Festival

Sunday, October 15 - John Blue Cotton Festival

Monday, October 16 - Boss's Day; School Bus Safety Week Begins; PBIS Committee Meeting @ 3:45pm

Tuesday, October 17 - Oban students visit; Golf Championship; SIT Meeting

Wednesday, October 18 - Football Pep Rally 2:30pm; Wacky Wednesday drawing, Learning Focused PD (during planning); Football vs Carver @ SHS @ 5pm

Monday, October 18 - 27 - 1st 9 weeks Benchmarks

Thursday, October 19 - Cross Country @ Richmond

Monday, October 23 - PTO World's Finest Chocolate Fundraiser Ends

Thursday, October 26 - Cross Country @ Anson

Friday, October 27 - End of 9 Weeks

Monday, October 30 - Optional Teacher Workday; Understanding Poverty Training (select teachers 8:00 - 3:30)

Tuesday, October 31 - Halloween

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