The War On Drugs

By Dylan Mathwig and Parker WIlson

The Problem

  • America alone spends over $51,000,000,000 a year fighting the war on drugs.

  • In the past eight years, over 70,000 people have died over the war on drugs in Mexico.

  • 38,329 people died in 2010 from drug overdose in the U.S.

  • The homicide rate in Latin America increased 12.7% per 100,000 people in 5 years due to drug related violence.

  • The increased support to end the drug war in Mexico has resulted to an increase in drug trafficking in Latin America.
  • More than 200,000 citizens of the United States lost government financial aid due to drug convictions

Intended Audience

Our intended audience is mainly drug supporters and citizens against it.

The Simple Solution:

  1. We make all drugs illegal again in the United States in every state
  2. We invade Mexico and South America and arrest all known drug smugglers and producers. We declared and won a war on terrorism. If we can do that, we can declare war on drugs
  3. We destroy all drug crops

Dismissed Ideas:

  1. Legalizing marijuana in Colorado and Washington. It may have decreased crime rates due to drug arrests but it didn’t get rid of the problem. Victims still tend to ruin their lives on these drugs. Plus money still fluctuates illegally to Mexico.
  2. Strict Border Control in certain areas: Increasing border control in Texas won't stop illegal border smuggling and illegal immigration in Arizona. Why Increase border control when we can destroy the problem altogether by eliminating the cartels?

Previously Tried Campaign Ideas:

Map of Known Cartel and Their Influence

This map shows very powerful cartels pretty close to our border. Instead of guarding our borders, let's take the war to Mexico! If we eliminate the cartels, then we substantially decrease the supply of drugs available in the Western Hemisphere. No longer shall we worry about drug smuggling into the US because what would they have to smuggle? No longer will the Mexican people be scared of the warring cartels! Mexicans and Americans alike will both live safer if the War on Drugs was put to rest.

Our Slogan Ideas:

  1. "Don't Sell Drugs At Texico! Wage War On Mexico!"
  2. "Say Nope To Dope!"
  3. "Let's Mug the Drug Thugs!"
  4. "Vote In Elections To End Injections!"

Our AD Campaign Ideas:

  1. Superbowl Commercial
  2. Election Campaign for Parker to run for Public Office
  3. Anti Drug Commercials on Any TV Channel popular in California
  4. Anti Drug Blimp or airplane banner that would fly over major sporting events or across the Florida Beaches.
  5. Fear Propaganda Campaign Against Drugs everywhere in the United States
  6. Anti Drug Speeches in Kindergarten classes