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Ready for the third term

Back to Easter with a bump

Dear parents,

Back to Earth with a Bump!

So we are back in Ireland and it is back to focusing on our learning and in particular with the aim of preparing our Cambridge Summer exams.

Our new Transdisciplinary Theme is "How we express ourselves", which we will celebrate at our PYP Exhibition next month.

This week we are tuning in to our new theme and we will begin the process of working in groups to decide on our Central Idea and Lines of Inquiry. Many of us are unsure about what direction we will take but hopefully it will become clearer to us as we work collaboratively. This inquiry will teach us ways in which we can discover and express our ideas, beliefs and feelings. We will enjoy celebrating our creativity with our play which we are preparing in drama and music for the Exhibition. We express ourselves through our characters' words, actions, feelings and songs. For some of us taking a new character role is a challenge but drama gives us an opportunity to communicate in a new way. In English we discussed the many ways we can express ourselves competently in a second language and linked it to some of our Cambridge tasks. We looked at how to write articles, essays, reviews and even through emails. This week we started to learn how to make our articles interesting for our reader. For example by asking questions and choosing eye-catching titles. Do you think you could write this article in a second language?!

So why do you think we called our article today "Back to Earth with a Bump?" After the relaxing Easter break at home with our families and friends, we have come back to learning how to readjust to our school life and looking forward to exploring our new themes and lines of inquiry. We can't wait to share our celebration of the PYP on the 15th May.

Meanwhile this weekend we are going on a day trip to Powerscourt to enjoy a break and some beautiful scenery. Hopefully it will be picnic weather and we can see the world famous waterfall. We all miss our families but we know the time will fly!!