15 Ways to Save Food Dollars

By Moesha Brown

Plan: Here are some tips to save Money for Food

  1. Finish your grocery list before going shopping. The best memory does not substitute for a well-planned list.
  2. Take time to plan your meals and make a grocery list. This usually takes less time than the time spent going back to the store for a forgotten item.
  3. Find stores with super food sales during special times such as “Friday and Saturday Blow-out Sales” or “10 Items for $10.”
  4. If you can save 25 or 50 cents off the price of something you already use, go for it.
  5. Buy family packs of meats, cheese, poultry, and luncheon meats. Divide into servings, freeze, and use as needed.
  6. If you use a coupon to buy an item you do not need and would not have bought otherwise, you will be spending money you could have spent somewhere else.
  7. Make a cheat sheet so you will know what you usually pay for an item that you use a lot.
  8. Avoid buying single servings of such foods as snack crackers, vegetable juice, and ice cream.
  9. Shop without your children. Unwanted items can creep into the cart with too many “helping hands.” Take turns with a friend for child care.
  10. Compare the unit price of food items. The cost per ounce or per pound helps find the best value.
  11. Avoid buying foods packaged together, such as cheese and crackers, meat and cheese trays, and frozen garlic cheese bread, when you can buy the items separately for less.
  12. Divide grocery bill into food and nonfood items to get the cost of food. To make it easy, separate food items and nonfood items when checking out.
  13. When ordering, think smaller. It is not a value meal if you are paying for more than you want.
  14. Shop only once a week. The more trips to the store, the more money you spend. It is hard to purchase only a few items on any trip to the grocery store.
  15. Bottom line? Use coupons when they will help you save, but do not become a coupon junkie.