Population: 2.169 million

Size: 4,468 Miles

Religion: Islam

Biggest and Capital City: Doha

Climate: Hot

Things to do in Doha

  • Museum of Islamic Art
  • Aqua Park Qatar
  • Lagoona Mall
  • Sky View
  • Qatar national Museum and Aquarium

Politics and Human Rights

The Al Thani family has been ruling Qatar since 1825.

Former Emir is Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani

  • The Qatar law doesn't allow establishment of political bodies, forums of debate and professional syndicates or trade unions.
  • They're no human rights
  • Labor right violations are beatings, withholding beatings or severe restrictions on freedom of movement.

Language and Music

  • Arabic is official language
  • English is used as second language
  • Bedouin Poetry, song and dance
  • Traditional dance often are preformed on Friday afternoons


k-12 education system

Illiteracy rate

  • 3.1% males
  • 4.2% females