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Your Child Can Win a Special Day!

Your child has an opportunity to be the principal of Hartman Elementary for a day! Mrs. Ballast will make this a very special day for the winning bidder as well as have a special gathering for all students who have a parent that bids. A few of the many fun things the winning bidder will do is take a tour of the ESC, decide which class gets extra recess, have their picture taken sitting at Mrs. Ballast's desk, and help open car doors in the morning. All money supports the Wylie Education Foundation. Mrs. Ballast will have a special snack and chat with all students whose parent makes a bid. She will visit with students about what it's like to be the principal at Hartman and ask their opinion on school issues. Bidding ends Saturday, February 20th so get your bid in soon! Click the link below and help your student win this great opportunity!


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Congratulations to Eleanor Anguiano for Earning the Jimmy John's Student of the Week Honor!

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Featured Cool Cat of the Week

Name: Megan Loveless

Title: PPCD Teacher

Number of years at Hartman: 4

Previous jobs: Watkins Elementary long term SPED resource teacher, Cherry Tree Health Services (Lubbock) case manager for adults in foster care & day rehabilitation supervisor

Family: Husband Steven of 4 years, an almost 2 year old daughter Samantha, family dog, Bubba. and a little boy Asher on the way!

What she loves most about Hartman: "We act like family, which makes the atmosphere very inviting. Everyone encourages one another and helps each other out whenever they can."

What she likes to do when she's not at school: Spend time with family, go to the park and dog park, and shop

Favorite teams? Texas Tech and the University of Texas

Something about her that most people don’t know: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ She lived in Freising, Germany for about a year in 2008-2009.

Favorite place to visit: Bavaria, Germany

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Breakfast With Dads

Counselor's Corner

Valentine's Day is this weekend so naturally it has me thinking about love! We all love our children and want the best for them. There are many different ways of showing love. If you're like me, you get busy with life and sometimes forget to slow down and really show our children that we love them. Here are some powerful ways to show your children you love them:

1. Ask them to join you in an activity. It can be as simple as reading a book, playing a game, going for a walk, cooking, shooting baskets, or playing catch.

2. Listen. As adults we don't always have to have the answers. Sometimes kids just want us to be quiet and listen to them!

3. Believe in them. Children typically meet whatever expectations are set before them. Be their biggest fan and let them know you you believe in them!

4. Be spontaneous! Sometimes as parents it's good for us to break the rules in the name of of having fun and creating memories with our children.

One of the most helpful books I ever read is "The Five Love Languages of Children" by Dr. Gary Chapman and Dr. Ross Campbell. This book instantly helped me understand my children and become a better parent (it also works with spouses, friends, and others). I highly recommend it.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Holly Hensley

Hartman School Counselor

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Thank you to 3rd & 4th grade parents for sending your students to school on Monday and Tuesday ready to do their best testing. We appreciate you making sure your student had a good night's sleep and a healthy breakfast to start their day. This was good practice for the upcoming STAAR testing. The dates of these tests are as follows:

Tuesday, March 29th: 4th grade writing

Monday, May 9th: 3rd & 4th math

Tuesday, May 10th: 3rd & 4th reading

Valentine's Day Parties

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Upcoming Dates

Monday, February 15th: No school for students, professional development for staff

Friday, February 19th: 4th grade symphony field trip, 8-11:30am

Friday, February 26th: 80's costume day, pep rally 1:45

February 29th-March 4th: WISD college week

March 7th-11th: Spring Break

Thursday, March 17th: 1st grade musical 9am & 7pm

Thursday, March 17th: PTA general meeting 7pm

Thursday, March 24th: No school for students, professional development for staff

Thursday, March 25th: Good Friday, no school

Tuesday, March 29th: 4th grade STAAR writing

Tuesday, March 29th: Kona Ice truck @ Hartman

Friday, April 1st: Hoops For Hearts

Monday, May 9th: 3rd & 4th STAAR math

Tuesday, May 10th: 3rd & 4th STAAR reading