Achieving A Goal

The Real Way

Completing a goal

Many people have a goal in life and still have not achieved that, others have a goal that they are trying to persist at but have failed many times and that is a problem. Many people have a strong conviction to complete that goal. For example if you are trying to get an ipad and you are raising a fund raiser and no one is giving money you should probably try a different approach, or if you are positive that you are going to raise money then try again. A solution would be something else like doing chores and earning money from your parents or even mowing the lawn for neighbors in your neighborhood. After a long time of doing work you should have enough money to buy an ipad. If not just keep trying different approaches and you will eventually reach your goal. Same with perseverance just achieving something different. Perseverance usually is to get somewhere. For example, if you want to go somewhere special then just try a method and stick to it if it's working if not just try a different approach.

Steps to complete a goal

First you should set a goal for yourself early on in life. Make sure you have a plan early on in life.

Second is to try a method to reach your goal that you set early on in your life. If you do not achieve your goal and you think that it took too long then try a new goal to achieve. Also make sure that the goal you set can be achieved and is not impossible.

Third Try different approaches that you think could be useful to achieve your goal. Do not stick to one method unless its working.

Next when you completed the goal try setting up a new goal to achieve to challenge yourself in life. Challenging yourself always helps.

Lastly keep setting up goals for yourself to make sure that you try new things. Make sure that you always have a goal set up in life.

What are the differences?

Ever wondered what the difference and the similarities are between perseverance and persistence well now you get to know.

The definition of persistence is continuing firmly or obstinately in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition. The definition of perseverance is a steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement. Notice how in the definition of perseverance that it says is a steady persistence in a course of action or purpose. This means that these two words are similar. In both definitions it says keeps on going in spite of difficulties. This means that if you persevere or if you are persist it means that you keep going no matter what even if it's difficult. However some differences are, perseverance is trying to get somewhere rather than persistence is trying get something.

About Perseverance and Persistence

The most important thing about perseverance is going through difficult times. For instance many people persevere through hardships and then they eventually become triumph. In other words becoming victorious after persevering through hard times. This is very good because some people become idle and does not persevere. Many people learn that they shouldn’t give up as early as they use to. The main idea of perseverance is to get somewhere or to succeed in a goal. For example persevering is overcoming out on top or becoming victorious.

Persistent is often confused with perseverance and adversity but has very similar meanings. The main idea of Persistence is to get something. Take for example if you want something that you really want. You are going to keep persisting to get that thing that you really want. You are not going to give up until you achieved what you wanted.


If a family member passes away then you would persevere through these tough times. It is very difficult if a family member passes away. The effect is a family member passed away. The causes of this is number one the family would persevere and keep going even if it's hard. Losing a family member is very hard on the family. Another cause would be these family members would never yield because they won't let this get in their normal lifestyle. A third cause could be the family moves on with their life and possibly tries to get something to be persistent.