Book Club Research Project

By:Cade Cassady,Ben Selph,and Jacob Varner

Book Club Research Question

Our overlaying research question is how the past dictatorship of Adolf Hitler compare to the modern day dictatorship of Kim Jong Un.

The Problems Significance In History

The original problem in history in that Hitler was a man that came across a great man until Hitler became the supreme leader of Germany. Adolf Hitler actually turned out to be a man who led the German people into his trap, he got all of his people to believe that he was the answer to their troubles. But Hitler ends up being a complete lunatic, that believes that the Jewish people are the problem in the world. So he ends up trying to kill all of the Jewish people by sending them to camps and marches and that ends up in the tragedy we call the holocaust. Adolf Hitler killed himself by gunshot on 30 April 1945 in his Führer bunker in Berlin.

How The Problem In presented In The Boy Who Dared

In our book the problem is presented almost the same as the Historical way everything happened except it is told from a little German boys perspective. Helmuth is a boy that lives in the age of Hitler and it is not a good time to be living in Germany. Helmuth ends up being against Hitler and his ideas which is also a bad thing so, that ends up being a bad thing.
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The Modern Day Problem That is Very Similar

Today we still face dictatorship, in North Korea they are ruled by a Modern day Adolf Hitler,name Kim Jong Un. North Korean citizens were put into labor camps. If the citizens did not participate in what they were assigned to the were sentenced to “punishment” . The first act of punishment was to be sent to be shot. This should remind you of one man….Adolf Hitler. Kill or punish anyone who get’s in the way. If you don’t participate, you die. If you’re not like us or believe what we believe, we will put you in a labor camp. The idea isn’t the same but the state of mind is there, which is scary to think about in anyway.
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