Blackhawk Bulletin

September 25, 2015

The school year is flying by!

Can you believe that we have already been in school for 27 days? We only have 153 days left to challenge, empower and extend our Weaverville Elementary Leaders. Each day counts!

Thank you to our grade level teachers for the work you are doing in your teams on creating targeted lesson plans and working in your PLCs. Over the next month, please be reflective on what your PLC is doing well and what you need some support with. We will have a staff meeting on Tuesday, November 3rd focused on PLCs and our next steps here at Weaverville Elementary. A huge shout out to our specialists who are working hard to collaborate not only with each other but also with the grade levels. If you don't know, we have two different specialist PLCs meeting right now. Our Exploratory Specialists (Art, Music, PE, Media, and Guidance) are meeting on Mondays and our Support Staff Specialists (Title 1, EC, ESL, Speech and Psychologist) are meeting every other week. On the off week the EC team is meeting to discuss meetings, timelines and IEP stuff. We are busy people!!

Time to vote on Student Habit Leaders!

It is time to vote on the classroom HAWK Habit Leaders. I have shared the Google Doc with classroom teachers again. Please vote on Monday and record your student leader names on the Google Document.

Proposed SIT Changes

Each year we have to evaluate our SIT plan, report on progress and make revisions as needed. In our last SIT meeting, we discussed making changes to several goals listed in the plan. Remember that a plan lasts for two years and we are in the second year of the plan. Our revisions are due to needing a manageable data tracking system or we have met the goal and needed to update. Here are the old goals and the proposed new goals. I will have a hard copy of this in the staff lounge and in the office workroom. EVERY staff member must vote on these changes. We are also working on new Mission/Vision and Belief Statements. We are also working on new Mission/Vision and Belief Statements. Once we narrow these down in SIT, then we will also vote to approve or reject these items.

Goal 1:

  • Old goal: Increase student proficiency from Pre and Post Assessments for each Math Investigations Unit in each grade level with a direct focus on ESL, EC, and AIG subgroups.
  • Proposed goal to vote on: 70% of grade level students will meet proficiency expectations for each domain as documented on the Math MATT Data Spreadsheets. Opportunities for intervention and reassessment will be completed as needed in order to achieve this goal by May 2015.

Goal 2:

  • Old goal: Reading growth will occur in each class across grade levels. Our ESL/EC/AIG student populations’ reading proficiency will increase by one reading level at every grade period. We will monitor students closely and collaborate with all involved teachers on a regular basis through the use of PLCs and School-wide Admin Data Meetings occurring at each assessment window.
  • Proposed goal to vote on: To improve the reading proficiency of students in grades 2-4 so that the percentage of students reading at or above grade level as measured by mClass TRC (grades 2-3) and Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark assessments (grade 4) is increased by the End of Year Testing Window with specific focus on AMO categories of Hispanic, Students with Disabilities, and White. (I am working on filling in this data)

    2015-2016 Second Grade Cohort:

    • Hispanic:

    • SWD:

    • White:

    2015-2016 Third Grade Cohort:

    • Hispanic:

    • SWD:

    • White:

    2015-2016 Fourth Grade Cohort:

    • Hispanic:

    • SWD:

    • White:

Goal 3:

  • Old goal: To incorporate globally responsible and workforce ready students in the 21st century
  • Proposed goal to vote on: Classroom teachers will utilize the newly created HAWKS instructional block (15 minutes/day) to provide instruction on Leader in Me habits and PBIS expectations at least 85% of the time as charted through a yearly checkoff sheet provided to each classroom teacher by May 2015.

Goal 4: no proposed revisions

Goal 5: repeat of reading goal. We just propose to delete this goal since it was in error.

Lighthouse Team Information Request

The Lighthouse Team is working on our school building transformation. They would like for each grade level, department, team to come up with an idea of how to transform your hallway space. This could be with word art, painting, posters we purchase, etc. Please discuss this at your grade level and send your ideas to your Lighthouse representatives. They will review the ideas and make sure the different areas will work together in a cohesive manner. Our next Lighthouse Team meeting is supposed to be on October 8 but that is when we will have our school-wide training so I hope we will get to discuss these on October 9th during our Lighthouse Training. Thanks!

Upcoming Events

  • September 28 - Assistant Meeting at 10:30 in the Media Center. We will discuss Mission/Vision, SIT revisions, October 8th training, and plans for future assistant meetings.
  • September 29 - No Leaders Achieve for any grade levels.
  • September 29 - Fall Pictures
  • September 30 - Principals Meeting
  • October 1 - mClass data discussions for Principal, Title 1 and Coach at County Office
  • October 1 - Staff Meeting at 2:45 in Media Center - Topics include LIM Reminders/Updates, My Learning Plan, Science Instruction
  • October 2 - Junior Blackhawks Fun Run at WPS. We will walk up to the primary school. We will need a lot of support with students walking. Run times are: 8:30 - 2nd grade; 9:30 - 3rd grade; 10:30 - 4th grade. Staff may wear SHORTS on this day if you are helping/participating. Shorts should cover what they need to cover. Please wear your WHITE JUNIOR BLACK HAWKS FUN RUN t-shirt.
  • October 6-7 - Fire Safety Program. Refer to the schedule that was sent out.
  • October 6-7 PLC Data Discussions in the Data Room. See info below.
  • October 8 - Early Release Day and Leader in Me Training from 1 - 7 PM. Primary Fun Run Collection Day.
  • October 9 - Lighthouse Training
  • October 12-15 - AIG Testing for 3rd grade
  • October 13 - ESL Latino Night will NOT be held this evening as previously discussed. Central Office will not be able to support this vision that was shared. Teachers should go ahead and work with Kathy to schedule parent-teacher conferences with interpreters.
  • October 13 - District Advisory Meeting
  • October 14 - Principals Meeting and Literacy Team Meeting at 2:45
  • October 15 - 4th grade field trip to Cherokee
  • October 16 - NB District Principal's Meeting HERE (we will take a tour of the school!) and Meeting with Math Coaches during Grade Level Planning times
  • October 16 - Ident-a-kid program
  • October 21 - SIT Meeting
  • October 26 - OTWD - but you have trade days! Yippee!
  • October 27 - DTWD - but you have trade days! Awesome!
  • October 29 - RTA Test for select 4th grade students. Hopefully they will be a level P by then!
  • October 30 - Principals Meeting

School-wide PLC Data Discussions

On October 6-7 PLC Data Discussions will be held in the Data Room. This is listed on the year long PLC plan that you received at the beginning of the school year.

  • Teachers come to the data room during their Leaders Achieve block (assistants assigned to that grade level at this time supervise students) and during their specials on BOTH days.
Discussions will be as follows:
  • Day 1 - Block 1: Very At Risk; Block 2: At Risk;
  • Day 2 - Block 1: On Grade/Watch; Block 2: Above Grade Level.
Grade level teachers, Principal, School Counselor, Title 1, EC (as needed), AIG (as needed), and Curriculum Coach will all participate. We will make notes on the individual student cards and also record information on a Google Doc so we can refer to it later. Hopefully we will have time to revise groupings as well since I know this is a need.
  • It would be EXTREMELY helpful if teams could go ahead and have student BOY reading information and applicable math info already on the cards. If you do not already have your PLC agenda set for the 29th, then this would be a great activity to do. Thanks!
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Teachers Make a Difference

Thank you for all you do! Have a great weekend!