Modular UPS System

Modular UPS System - the Choice of New Trend

Modular UPS System - the Choice of New Trend

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Modular UPS architecture (or topology) is a method designed to reduce cost and give UPS users flexibility in system configuration and use. Modular UPS systems consist of fixed control and power switching modules. Typical systems are designed to fit into one rack. Larger UPS systems are designed for large IT installations span multiple racks and consists of dozens to hundreds of modules.

This modular UPS system must have the following structured requirements:

l Performance: The ability to provide stable supplies despite possible changes in the electric grid caused by problems of voltage, frequency and waveform characterized by networks and complex power lines, and of course providing the steady energy required to supply in all load conditions including power over surge, surge power fluctuations and the absence of grid power supply from independent batteries during disaster recovery. Performance has minimum specification requirements including demands arising from the quality of system, such as: efficiency, floor space, volume, weight, and acoustic noise. Among other performance gains it’s possible to point achievement to the power density that enables receiving high power in small floor space. And the technology achievements are reflected in software, hardware, heat transfer, mechanical packaging and of course nice and easy access and high-level Human Engineering. The system contains parallel modules that allow the power distribution of current flow according to the number of modules at the entrance, exit and battery loading, so there is an equal loading on each module.

l Reliability and availability: of power supply the demand for which has grown to require the availability of “six nines” that is 0.999999. Reliability is required despite the dynamics resulting from the networks and frequently changing loads and sometimes unpredictable behavior. The Highest reliability is used in Double Conversion True Online work meaning batteries that are connected to the regular exit and input converter with no transition downtime during power outages.

l Green energy: received by high efficiency means improved technology and precise planning. Current efficiency UPS systems now exceed the 95% which means only 5% of losses, versus previous generation systems whose efficiency was around 90-92%.

l Redundancy: Redundancy is required from your UPS unit so that a single fault will allow work to continue without a hitch. Redundancy is possible by parallel systems work.

Modular UPS System Advantages:

l Can grow with power as required and as a result minimal expense of purchase. Of course this is a savings of working hours and physical labor required and upgrading the device.

l Possibility to replace a faulty module without disturbing. Compared with normal system repair which requires disabling as when replacing a module, the system continues to function without disabling at all.

l Opportunity to receive redundancy in a simple and immediate manner as any failure by one of the N Modules still allows regular supply load. Work method and N+ allows a dramatic increase in reliability since it allows an additional module error before the system collapses.

l Work on increasing the energy efficiency (for increased system efficiency maximum load while working with normal redundancy system where each system load is 50% at maximum efficiency and with little supply wastage).

l Elegance - a more modern and elegant modular system, flexible operation and of course all the important parameters. The system is equipped with advanced control and management panels.

Benefits of the Modular UPS

Manufacturers invested a lot of effort to show case the positive aspects of the product. These include:

l Reliability: Reliability is one of the most crucial demands from the UPS. Even clients who want to save money and are prepared to settle for a third grade system, will still search for the promise of as high a MTBF as they can find. What is reliability when it comes to the UPS? Continuous provision of power to the load. The objective is to keep the system running on inverter even in case of a fault. Without transferring to bypass like it would in a common system.

l Size and Weight: As far as weight and size are concerned, there is a big advantage to a system without transformers and power chokes. The smaller and lighter the system the cheaper the shipment and storage are. Furthermore, if the client is interested in a redundant UPS, a modular system with one extra module will be at least twice as small as two regular parallel redundant UPS systems.

l Efficiency: Since modular systems are inevitably without transformers, one can reach the highest efficiency possible – up to 95%.

l Repair time and spare parts: The common consensus is that technicians prefer to work with systems that are made up of modules. Most repairs can be done by replacing the module. When it comes to modular systems the MTTR is low, spare parts are available and similar in different systems. These advantages are very meaningful to distributors.

In Conclusion

Even though much more can be said on this topic, the emphasis here is clear: Modular UPS systems have many benefits over the standard ones, starting from the basics regarding reliability and efficiency and up to the benefits of size and weight.

About PowerPlus XM UPS system

EverExceed PowerPlus XM Modular UPS system, is configured in one to ten (10) power modules. This gives the system a power capacity range of 20 KVA to 200 KVA .

More product information as below:

Key Features:

l Modular Construction Design

l Easy Operation and Installation

l Intelligent Battery Management

l Intelligent Protection System

l Additional Outstanding Features

l High Reliability Design

l Plenty of Options

System Figure:



Mechanical Design

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