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About the site

Welcome to this site whoever this may be. This site is about a social media and what it is used for.

How to join!

To join this site you need to download the app.

Next you need to sign in with your email or Facebook account

Then you need to make a username and put any made up password

When finished with those step all left to do is to edit your profile picture, set a bio and friend people

An option is to also put your account on private for your safety

How to friend

To friend people you need to search up their name or username

Then you click on their account

When that's done you click on the follow button right under there bio

Maybe if their account is on private you have to request to follow them if their public then you automatically are following them

How to post?

To post you need to click on the camera

Take a picture or pick one from the gallery

Change the picture to any filter

then tag and post it