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History of the original stagecoaches

The first stagecoach was built in 1827 costing from anywhere from $1200 - $1500.They weigh more than two thousand pounds. During the civil war this was there way of transportation.They also used these stagecoaches to transport mail,it was way faster and easier.Until 1918 trains,motor buses were 'in' and nobody needed the horses nor the stagecoach.They also use the stagecoach pulled by six horses for Wells Fargo Logo


  • --Advantages of the stagecoaches
  • High speed
  • comfortable
  • Didn't use gas,oils or fire
  • Also Could last awhile (if you took care of it)
  • And large groups of people can be transported easy and quick
  • Goods can be transported
  • --Disadvantages-
  • bumpy rides can cause damage
  • if you don't have horses you cant move the stagecoach
  • Most wealthy people could only afford one
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Stagecoach Driving in the Dakotas
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how did it impact North Dakota?

The Gold Rush! Most people used stagecoaches to move there families closer to the black hills or near.

Importance to setting the west

Money! you had to have money to buy one,but let me tell you why it was useful down west.Could carry many farmer goods and transport them to sell to some local or non local