Fifth Grade News

Week of November 17th

BRRRRR!!!!! We hope you're staying warm!

We are ready to start allowing the students to bring in devices such as tablets, smartphones, I Touch, Kindle with internet capability, etc. to school. We are in NO WAY saying the kids must have one of these devices! Please don't let your children talk you into a trip to the Apple Store!! We will be using these for various activities in the classroom across all subjects. When students arrive each morning they will put their device in a designated basket/bin to be kept for safe keeping by the teacher. As a guideline, students need to be able show the following skills on the device they bring:

Power on/off

Adjust volume

Plug in headphones

Open web-browser to access internet

Take a picture

Take a video

We have learned many exciting ways to incorporate technology into our curriculum in lower school and we are eager to introduce these things to the children. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email your child's homeroom teacher.

Academics Next Week in 5th Grade:

Reading: Shades of Gray Chapters 2-5

Math: Finishing Ch. 3, review for tests

Writing/Grammar: Poetry portfolios

Social Studies: Finishing Ch. 10, Review for test

Spelling: Waterhouse Hawkins, Consonant Sounds j, ks, sk, and s


We have started our new novel, Shades of Gray by Carolyn Reeder. We still have some students who still do not have their copy. The students will need their copy as soon as possible since we are assigning reading and activities where the book is crucial.

Tests and Quizzes Next Week:

11/18 Shades of Gray Vocab. Ch. 1-5 quiz

11/19 Chapter 3 Math Test

11/19 Chapter 10 Social St. Test

11/20 Chapters 1-3 Cumulative Math Test

11/21 Spelling Test