Anoka Blended 6

December 2017

Eat and Mingle


Try and solve this Christmas Carol Rebus while we wait for our opening.

Capture the Experience

Click here to make a copy of this months Capture the Experience processing sheet.

How Am I Doing?

Please fill out THIS FORM as a peek into your progress over the last month.

Opening -

Witness Video & Prompts
Witness Barn Scene

Witness Video Prompts

Discuss these prompts with a small group. Be prepared to share out in the large group.

SAGA Connecting and Processing

Process several components from our November module work by following the tasks listed HERE.

Ladder of Inference

Purpose: To become aware of our own thinking and reasoning, and make our thinking and reasoning more visible to others through advocacy.

Step 1: Read the article "Ladder of Inference" by Peter Senge.

Step 2: Comment on the following about your reflection on Ladder of Inference by creating a new Google doc with the title, Ladder of Inference.

* One of the statements that I’ll remember is...
* One of the challenges that this creates for me is...
* One of the goals that I have for myself as a community member is...
* How do we avoid climbing the ladder with community members?

Step 3: Discuss in your BAND GROUPS how “climbing the ladder of inference” affects relationships within:

* Our community
* Spring Conference
* Your classroom
* Your school
* Personal life

Step 4: Watch the Video "Ladder of Inference" by Andrea Scheider

Step 5: Using your reflection, discussion, and video create a personal goal with regards to “climbing the ladder of inference.” Include some action steps that are needed to meet your goal. Add this to your capture the experience sheet.


Blog Creations

1. Create blogs using blogger platform--see tutorial below.

2. Share the name and address of your blog via THIS FORM.

Create a Blog Using Blogger - Tutorial 2013

Energizer~Celebrations~Job Groups

Lasallian Virtues

1. Get to Know St. John Baptist de La Salle

  • Share reflections from module 2 with your 'job group' (candy bar)

2. Explore the virtues ~ Definitions & Explanations

3. Connect with virtues ~ Gallery Walk Process

4. Reflect on La Sallian Learning (SAGA Discussion Board: module assignment)

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