MATH EOG Review 2

Volume, Measurement, Area, Place Value, Powers of 10

Volume and Measurement - TenMarks

Complete the Volume and Measurement TenMarks assessment. This assessment only has 12 questions. You will need a piece of paper or your whiteboard and markers to work things out on.

Understanding Place Value - Worksheet

Complete the Understanding Place Value worksheet. Please look very close at these questions. If you need help on this worksheet, please come see me!

Powers of 10 - Worksheet

Complete the Powers of 10 worksheet. Try to find patterns throughout. You have notes in your interactive notebook on Powers of 10 if you need to go back in and look at them you can.

Area of Rectangles - Worksheet

Complete the Area of Rectangles worksheet. Make sure you remember the formula for area. Keep in mind that some of these measurements may use fractional pieces as well. Therefore, you will need to remember how to multiply fractions and mixed numbers.