soar sanford

february 12


Feb 15 No School-President’s Day

Feb 16 Lead Team Meeting 3:10

Feb 17 David Adams meets with grades 3, 4, 5 (Grade 4: 1:00; Grade 3: 2:00; Grade 5 3:10)

Feb 18 100th Day of School

Feb 18-Feb 25 Book Fair open for students (Funds raised will be donated by PTA to Books, Reading, and AR)

Feb 23 Lead Teachers to VADOE Training (location TBA)

Feb 25 Family Movement and Music Night and 2nd grade performance 6:00

March 2 Dr. Seuss Day

March 13 One City Marathon-Sanford will be a wave station

Book Reviews

Please make sure your students have opportunities to read. The students are showing that they are motivated to read, write a book review, and present their book review. This can be a culminating activity for any book the students are reading whether it is in a book basket or checked out from the library. Please encourage your students to be a part of this AUTHENTIC READING experience. Please make sure that this Book Review culture is in your classrooms. If I can help in any way, just let me know and I can do a quick mini lesson and help you create motivated readers and book reviewers.

Sanford has great teachers! These pictures highlight some examples that I observed around the building this week.

100th Day of School is Feb. 18

At the end of the Morning Show on Thursday, I will say "Drop and do 100" in honor of the 100th day of school. As a grade level, please brainstorm ideas as to what you can do. Please strive to have your activity aligned with the curriculum. For example, do you kids need to count by 10s or 5s or 2s to 100, do they need to round to 100, do they need to create a hundreds chart, do they need to read a 100 word passage....the list goes on and on and additional ideas have been sent by the Sunshine Committee.
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Collaborating and sharing after the snowball fight