From the DISD Tech. Dept.

March 2019

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From Dr. Melissa Williams-Scott: Protecting our Children's Cyber Security

Our students are exposed to a vast amount of content via online options. Social Media allows people of all ages to communicate at any time of the day and from any location. While this can be a fantastic opportunity for all to learn about different cultures it can be a significant danger because of the anonymity of the Internet and the ability for false identities to be given. At the same time, as adults, we often let our guard down when using Social Media. What might have been a “book club night” questionnaire for getting to know members has become a way for hackers to learn personal information likely found in security questions. View this link to see some information on how to better protect yourself, family and students online:

From Caroline Lightfoot: SAILOn

Last week, the Instructional Team hosted area districts for SAILOn. For the past 17 years, we have helped classroom teachers integrate technology into their curriculum. We meet four times per year to update our site, add resources, weed bad sites, and ensure TEKS are updated. We will meet one more time this year, so keep checking back for additional Subject Area Interactive Lessons you can use in your Classroom!

From Claudia Valastro: Speak It

Speak It is an amazing Chrome extension that will read web text aloud. Users can adjust the rate, pitch, volume, language, and gender of the speaker. Speak It would be useful for:

  • English Language Learners
  • Native Speakers to hear what they have written
  • Limited-Vision Users

From Jennifer Rushing: Book Creator

With Book Creator, students can create, read, and publish their own digital books. Text, images, audio, and video can be combined to create interactive stories, digital portfolios, research journals, comic books, and Science Reports.

From Mike Sanchez: DHS Student Passwords

We are starting to have an issue where students are determining their classmates' passwords and then using them to make poor decisions. In order to address this; as well as prepare students for the future, students will have control over their passwords.

Beginning Monday, March 25th, students will be forced to change their passwords when they log in the first time. DHS staff will also have access to assist in making this change.

Below you will find instructions on how to assist students in changing their password. Thank you for your continued hard work and dedication to building the future through our students.