Welcome to MINT!

Medcan's New Internal Intranet

We are live!

We are thrilled to launch MINT – an interactive, user-friendly tool that will enable all of our Medcanners to access the information you need, when you need it.

Take some time to wander through and familiarize yourself with the different areas of MINT. There are a lot of features that go beyond a content repository and will help us interact with each other, stay on top of the latest Medcan news and engage in the fun contests and activities that we all love.

So what's in here?

Wondering about the latest in Medcan News?

Check out the NEWS tab on the navigation bar at the top. New articles will be posted here on a regular basis to get you the information you need, when you need it! Have something you want to share with everyone at Medcan – post it here! Newer articles will always be at the top of your newsfeed, but your older articles are never lost – just scroll down to see them!

TIPS: On the left hand side of the NEWS page, hover over STORIES and select what you’d like to do – post a new article, post a link to an article on the web, create a poll etc.

You can specify who can see your article when you post it – simply modify the AUDIENCE drop down list selection to reflect ALL (the entire Medcan staff) or select different groups/organizational units/individuals if the content only applies to some people.

If you’re posting an article that is ‘required reading’ mark it as “FEATURED” when you’re posting it. This will ensure it gets flagged, and stays at the top of everyone’s news feed until they have opened it up.

Newsfeed articles on MINT work just like they do on other social media tools – you can LIKE them, COMMENT on them and even see how many people have VIEWED them. They are date stamped too!

Want to know who works on which team at Medcan?

Check out the TEAMS tab! The tab will always open up to your own contact card –you can navigate through the organization by filtering by Name, Role or Team. Scroll over the contact card of the individual you are curious about and select what you’re looking for from the option menu.

Ever see someone walk by you and you don’t know who they are?

Check out the PEOPLE tab on the navigation bar at the top. Each Medcanner’s picture is there: click on the person’s picture and learn a little bit about them through their profile.

TIP: Take some time to update your own bio in your profile. This will help others understand what you do at Medcan and know some interesting things about your background and experience.

Have a question while you’re on the phone? Want to chat with someone who is on a different floor or in another location?

Open the DISCUSSIONS tab on the navigation bar at the top.

TIPS: Click on NEW DISCUSSION (top left). MINT will walk you through all of the steps to set up your DISCUSSION. Creating a Title, selecting the level of privacy, inviting participants and finally how you would like them to contribute (as a Participant or Moderator).

Moderators are able to add or delete contributors, as well as delete comments added by themselves and other participants.

When you start a DISCUSSION you are automatically made a Moderator. Once you have added all of the necessary information, your DISCUSSION will be live in MINT , and invited participants will have an invitation notification in their email box.

* No need to save all those old email conversations: These discussion trails are saved in MINT and are fully searchable through the SEARCH BAR at the top of the page (on the right), so they are always easy to find again!

Looking for info on our products/services? How about our Policies? Want to make sure all your docs are posted where everyone can find them?

Open up the LIBRARY tab on the top navigation bar. The LIBRARY is where you’ll be able to surface important information fast!

Have a document you want to add into your team’s LIBRARY Catalogue?

No problem! Click on the LIBRARY tab, select the Catalogue you’d like to post within (from the menu list on the left hand side) and then click “ADD ITEMS (in the top navigation bar).

See a document in your team’s Catalogue that isn’t up to date?

Hover over the document, select “Upload Updated Version” and upload the new version of the document. Need to remove the document all together? Hover over it and select “Remove”. Each team is accountable for ensuring their important content is available and up to date – and the process is very user friendly!

TIP: Instead of emailing internal requested attachments to each other, share a link to a file location in the LIBRARY. Hover over the item you want to share, click COPY LINK and paste it into your emails.

Ever feel like you can’t find what you’re looking for because you don’t know where to look?

MINT’s smart SEARCH function searches the entire Intranet for you to ensure you get what you need. It’s like having our own internal Google!

TIP: Even if you only have some of the information you’re looking for- like someone’s first name – the SEARCH function will help! Start typing into the Search bar at the top right hand side of main Navigation bar and let MINT do the rest!

Have something to say that other people need to hear?

Whether it’s about your personal status or you’d like everyone to know about something a colleague did that deserves some recognition – use the UPDATE or SHOUT OUT feature on the left hand side of the NEWS page.

MINT - Lunch N' Learn series

Tuesday, May 5th, 12pm

13 Floor, Glass Boardroom

Get answers to all your questions about how to use MINT!

Can't make it on the 5th? No problem - we've got Lunch N' Learns running all week! Come any day between May 5th and 8th, 13 floor Glass Boardroom at noon.