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We are the American Humane association and we provide jobs to people so that they can help protect children, pets, and farm animals from abuse and neglect. In addition we even lead the way in understanding human-animal interaction and its role in society. We were founded in 1877 by local humane society representatives from around the U.S and we were founded because we lacked a unified voice in promoting humane movement. Did you know that we serve 40,000 lives of animals/children a minute? We were also funded by Contributions Sponsorships grants. Are accomplishments are that in 1883, concerned about abandoned babies and child abuse, we promoted the passage of the first Cruelty to Children act, in 1893 member society's of the American Humane Association prosecuted 5,520 cases of child cruelty, in 1910 we also joined local police forces to prevent abuse of work horses and we assisted in cruelty investigations, we even launched a champion to end the act of giving children dyed chicks for Easter in 1933, and we started a program to provide therapy dogs for recovering World War Two veterans.

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The American Humane Association offers jobs for you volunteers. We offer jobs like being a Red Star Veternarian(Oklahoma), you can be in the No Animals were Harmed Veternarian/certified Animal Rep(Los Angeles), or maybe you have more talents in being the Strategic Alliances Manager in a program like the Humane Heartland-Farm Animal welfare program. There are qualifications for these jobs though. Like three of the Red Star Vets and the No animals harmed a animal rep's qualifications are that you need to have experience in incident management and response, you need to have a diversity of experience in animal health and behavior, and you need to work work effectively without direct supervision in the feild. Also three of the qualifications for being the manager in the farm animal welfare program are that you need to have the ability to work with team members to implement annual program goals, you need a Bachelors degree, and lastly you need to have the demonstrated ability to provide effective and timely solutions. Sadly the challenges for the American Humane Association are money and getting volunteers, but I love working their because I loved spending time with the animals animals and helping them. Our mission is to prevent cruelty, abuse, and neglect of children and animals; we want to also assure that their interest and well being are fully, effectively garenteed.
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