Fun in First

With Mrs. Sprague's Class

We've been having more days full of fun and learning!

St. Patrick's Day Math

We played a place value game with racing leprechauns!
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We got to do sorting and graphing (and a little eating) with Lucky Charms!

Researching Earth Materials

We've been working long and hard on a research piece for Science and Writing.

After studying Earth Materials for a week, we chose 2 questions of our own that we wondered about Earth Materials (rocks, minerals, land forms, etc.) Then, we researched answers to our questions using books and websites. After we compiled our learning, we wrote it all into a report, which we got to read to the whole class! Our reports are now in a bound book in our classroom library so that we can read all of our new learning!

Here, we're playing a game of "I Have, Who Has" with "bossy r" words.
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Principal for the Day

Our Principal for the Day, Quinn, visited our classroom and read Oh! The Places You'll Go.
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