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Week of November 16th

Important Classroom Dates

November - Krispie Kreme Fundraiser

November 18th - field trip to Adventure Science Center

November 19th- Library Fun Night 3-6 pm

November 25-27th - Thanksgiving Holiday Break

What We Are Learning: click for extra practice

For Quick resources click on the links, for additional resources visit my webpage section, "weekly resources"

  • Math -Division strategies with one digit divisors
  • Reading -Cause and Effect
  • Writing - POW TIDE writing and typing our writing
  • Social Studies - 13 colonies, starting with the New England Colonies
  • Science - Weathering and Erosion

Noteworthy News


Please encourage students to use this program at home. They have specific assignments that are specifically for them as well as a learning path.

As an added incentive students will receive classroom incentives for their completed time on Moby Max.

Click this link to access MOBY MAX

Vocabulary Words (Social Studies Week 5 Newspaper)

New World – Western hemisphere, including North and South America

Age of Discovery – a period of time from the 15th to 17th century in which Europeans explored and mapped the world

Christianity – the religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ

colony – a group of people who settle far from home and maintain ties with their home country

colonize – to establish a colony

cartographer – mapmaker

Aztec – people conquered by Cortes

conquer – to defeat in combat

exploration – to discover or find out


  • Sign your student's agenda each night
  • Check Class Dojo to follow up on student behavior
  • Use Class Dojo to communicate with Mrs. Kennedy
  • If students want to improve assessment grades, they can sign up in class for a re-take to take the assessment again in the 9 weeks.

WEEKLY HOMEWORK - Little Different this week

Reading Homework - Read 15-20 minutes Monday - Thursday and fill in one square on your reading log nightly

Vocabulary Homework:

Students will need to fill out a Vocabulary graphic organizer on Monday and Tuesday, using 4 words each day.

Math Homework:

Students REALLY need to work on passing off all multiplication facts. They will need to complete a math fluency sheet each night, practicing the facts they are working on passing off in class.

Other Homework:

As we are approaching new standards and need to practice different standards, homework may vary. Students will need to be especially diligent about writing down the exact homework and taking home necessary items. Please encourage your students to build their "responsibility muscle" as the school year progresses.

Assessments This Week