Dunkin' Dounuts Franchise

" America runs on Dunkin!"

"Let me tell you, I'm not sure if America runs on donuts, but I sure do! Nothin' like a little simple sugar icing to get the blood pumping at 9:00 A.M." - Chris Benz
" Being apart of a franchise like this can be challenging , but its enjoyable @ the same time. Its hard to keep up with the others around town , but i think our doughnuts speak for themselves." - Alliyah Rich

How does each different dunkin donuts keep the donuts the same flavor?

We all have the same basic recipes , but we each may or may not add our own flavor or twist to something.

I was otw to work & i saw that one of the Dunkin' Donuts were going out of buisness. Across the street where i work , theres another one exactly like it ( because ive tried both). Why is that one going out , but not the other?

Its because Dunkin Donuts is part of a franchise , and are all individually owned. If that one wasnt pulling its weight , or having the financials to stay in buisness , then it & its owners suffered.