Final Full Week, AP Concludes

The Week of May 9, 2016

Good afternoon Viking Leaders,

We are almost there. This is our final full week! Multiple Choice finals begin next Tuesday and end next Thursday. Time to wrap of final instructional plans and projects before the end of the year. Have a great week!
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Many Viking organizations involved in character development through giving back recently. This includes

  • FHHS STUCO Raises $4,639.48 For St. Jude
  • Congrats to the girls soccer program for donating $1200 to the Huntington;s Disease Society of America today @ the HDSA Walk!
  • FHHS HOSA (Health Science Org) hosted a bone marrow drive on Wednesday
  • JV Girls Soccer Volunteers At Meadows Parkway Early Childhood Center
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Congrats to Musicians at State!

1 Ratings (Exemplary) @ State
  • Jack Stiens - Marimba Solo
  • Sarah Mason - Viola Solo
  • Michael Brown -Trumpet Solo
  • Lynell Cunningham -Flute Solo
  • Genevieve Travers -Flute Solo

Vocal Solos- 1 Exemplary Rating:

  • Aly Aherron
  • Devin Baner
  • Madalyn Wheeler
  • Madi Jackson
  • Alex Janssen
  • Sarah Mason
  • Mikayla Angeli
  • Rebekah Anthonis
  • Kenzie Sheehy

2 Ratings (Outstanding):

  • Emily Hale - French Horn Solo
  • Matthew Hinkle - Marimba Solo

Vocal Solos - 2 Outstanding

  • Lindsi Wilfing
  • Matthew Kiewiet

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The Missouri Journalism Education Association is pleased to announce the Design of the Year winners for the 2015-2016 School Year.. Congrats Gabriela Gable, the large school MJEA Yearbook Design Inside Pages of the Year State Winner! #RISE

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Congrats to David Yang who won his category in the MAA (Mathematical Association of America) Competition at Lindenwood; his score beat most upperclassmen as well!

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Sarah Bostic won regional level Belcher Scholarship competition! Congrats! She plans to enroll at SLU this fall

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4th course Project Lead The Way Engineering students present and defend their year long project design. Very impressive work and high levels of multiple discipline integration!

Media Section: Video and Photos of Vikings in the Community

Howell Softball has an online store full of Viking gear

It’s up and running for the next week. There are many items that are just Howell apparel, not sport specific, so please check out the great options. All orders are due by May 8th. Orders will be available for pickup by May 31st.

Instructional Insights and Celebrations

What Happens When We Reassure Students That Anxiety Is Normal

In this Education Week article, Sarah Sparks and Debra Viadero report on research about students’ emotional reactions to school transitions. In one study in Madison, Wisconsin, 1,190 sixth graders were randomly assigned to take part in an experiment. As they entered middle school, the students were asked to read several pages of quotes from a survey that students like them took at the end of the previous school year. The quotes conveyed the idea that anxiety was typical and transitory – for example, “I felt like I had a knot in my stomach the first four months,” but that the teachers “were there to help you” and the negative feelings dissipated. The students in the experimental group were then asked to write their reactions to the quotes.

When the researchers followed up with the incoming sixth graders the following spring, they found striking differences between those in the experimental and control groups:

- Students in the experimental group had higher ratings in social belonging, school trust, and school identification and lower ratings of evaluation anxiety.

- They had higher GPAs and fewer Ds and Fs.

- They had been absent one day less.

- They had fewer behavior referrals.

“It turns out children are better able to cope if they understand what they’re going through is normal, that it affects everyone, and that it will pass,” comments Adam Gamoran of the William T. Grant Foundation. “How we think about a stressful situation influences how we feel and how we perform.” Studies like this, he says, “show how deeply intertwined are cognition and emotion.”

“Studies Affirm Role of Emotions in Students’ Transitions” by Sarah Sparks and Debra Viadero in Education Week, April 20, 2016 adapted by KM

FHSD descriptors for use of high quality Marzano strat

Here is a listing of the high quality implementation (OFIC) of the Marzano/McRel strategies

Happy Viking Staff Birthdays!




This week’s Viking in-the-know tidbits:

1. Full Final Exam schedule here:

2. Please continue to ensure any film or video shown in class has a specific, direct connection with district curriculum and fulfills the posted, daily learning objective.

3. Internet hotspots for students in need to check out from the Learning Commons

With the progression of technology in our schools, some students are unable to complete their school work at home without Internet access. The Technology and Academic Departments have teamed up to provide your building with 15 Internet hotspots, that can be checked out by students who have an academic need for Internet access at home to complete school work. These devices are available during the 15-16 and 16-17 school years through the Library Media Center and require parent permission before being signed out to the student.

This Week's Scheduling Notes:

Link to full Final Exam Schedule--exams begin in science and English this week!


Full day of learning

AP exams:

Biology and music theory 8-12 in the morning

Physics Beginning after 12:00 pm

Monday, May 9th 1st and 5th hour constructed response or performance event for all classes other than Science and Language Arts


Full day of learning

AP exams:

Government 8-12

French and Spanish Beginning after 12:00 pm

Tuesday, May 10th 2nd and 6th hour constructed response or performance event for all classes other than Science and Language Arts

Optional after school chat about professional development plan for 16-17 in the library


Howell Time / Early Release Wednesday schedule

AP exams:

English Language 8-12

Macroeconomics Beginning after 12:00 pm

During homeroom

Final Howell Time of the Year. No events scheduled.

Wednesday, May 11th 4th hour constructed response or performance event for all classes other than Science and Language Arts

Teachers meet in PLC teams, 1:45-2:30


Full day of learning

AP exams:

World History and Comparative Government 8-12

Statistics Beginning after 12:00 pm

Thursday, May 12th 3rd and 7th hour constructed response or performance event for all classes other than Science and Language Arts

Senior Awards, 6:30 p.m. in the large gym


Full day of learning

AP exams:

Microeconomics 8-12

Human geography 8-12

Friday, May 13th All hours offer make-up for the constructed response or performance event

How To Report Child Abuse or Neglect of FHHS Students

If you suspect a child is being abused or neglected please make an immediate call to the Children's Division using the information provided at this link. Thank you for all you do to improve and protect the lives of our students.