The Golden Graham News

2016-2017 School Year

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Time is flying by and it is almost time for our end of the year auction. The auction will be held on June 2nd (Friday) and we will be needing donations in order for it to be successful. Some things that the students enjoy bidding on every year are bags of candy, toys from the dollar store, water toys for the summer, and toys/activities that can be used outside. Please help make our auction a wonderful memory of 2nd grade! Thank you for your help!!

End of the Year Lunch

Second grade will be celebrating the year with a special treat on May 31st. We will be ordering pizza for lunch. In order for us to do this we will need every child to bring in $2 by May 26th. Please send the donation in an envelope with your child's name and Becca Padilla on the front. Thank you for helping us end the year with a special lunch!

Important Dates

Memorial Day (Holiday) - May 29th

Puzzles, Art and Field Day - May 30th - Please send in puzzles, crafts or coloring books, wear a purple shirt, wear sunblock, bring a towel, and a water bottle. We will be playing kickball against Ms. Hasty's class!!!

Pizza, Popcorn and Movie Day - May 31st - Please send in a towel and lunch/lunch money (if your child chose not to buy pizza)

Read-a-Thon and Game Day - June 1st - Please send in books, flashlights, towels, and games to play with friends.

Learning Celebrations - June 1st (2nd Grade: 1:00 - 1:30pm)

Auction and Autographs - June 2nd - Our auction has been moved to Friday to allow for time to organize our auction items. Please send your child with yearbooks or another item to use for signing. They can bring in a perminent marker to use for signing.

Medication Pickup - June 1st (only if your child has medication with Nurse Barbara)

Last Day of School - June 2nd (early release 11:45)


Tuesday is P.E. - D Day --Please make sure that your child wears appropriate shoes.

Specials Rotations


Library/Technology - A Days

P.E. - B Days

Performing Arts - C Days

P.E. - D Days

Visual Arts - E Days

P.E. - F Days

Academic Focus - Fourth Nine Weeks

Units of Study:

Evaluating and Creating Ways to Persuade

Exploring Procedures, One Step at a Time!


2.3 Uses comprehension strategies of predicting, questioning, and making connections

2.4 Reads grade level text with fluency & comprehension

2.5 Understands new vocabulary and uses context to determine the relevant meaning of unfamiliar or multi-meaning words

2.12 Reads for sustained periods of time, producing evidence of their reading

2.13 Author's purpose of informational texts

2.14 Main idea/topic, facts, order of events, & text features in Expository texts

2.15 Follows multi-step directions and uses common graphic features to understand procedural texts

2.16 Describe techniques used to create media messages

2.25 Gathers evidence from available sources such as using text features to locate information in nonfiction texts, or interviews, and record the information in simple visual formats


2.2 Uses the relationships between letters and sounds, spelling patterns, and morphological analysis to decode written English and monitor accuracy



Level 28 Independent

Reads titles across 2 or more genres.

Sustains reading for an extended period of time, uses expression, phrasing, appropriate rate (75-105wpm), and accuracy (95%) in reading.

Uses questioning as a prediction strategy, includes all key ideas in a logical order with specific details, characters or facts, language & vocabulary when writing a summary, can answer literal & interpretive questions & reflects on reading by identifying a significant event and gives reason for opinion.


2.17 Writing Process (planning, drafting, revising, editing, publishing and sharing)

2.19 Writes to communicate ideas in expository and procedural texts

2.20 Writes a persuasive text

2.22 Uses capitalization and ending punctuation

2.27 Creates a visual display or dramatization to present ideas and information gathered during research


Sitton Spelling

Concepts from Units 21-27

Core Words 136-170

2.23 Spells high-frequency words from a commonly used list


2.21 Recognizes and uses adverbs, time order transition words


April 3 - June 2

Measurement, Fractions & Multi-Digit Computation with Hungry Ants

  • Army Ants: Length in Metric Units: 2.3AB, 2.4C, 2.5AB, 2.7B, 2.9ABCDE, 3.2C
  • Ant Treats: Division & Fractions: 2.3ABCD, 2.4BC, 2.6AB, 2.10ABCD, 3.4H
    • Adding & Subtracting Three-Digit Numbers: 2.2ABD, 2.3AB, 2.4BCD, 2.5AB, 2.6B, 2.7BC, 2.9D, 3.4AC, 3.5A
    • Writing & Solving Story Problems: 2.4BCD, 2.5AB, 2.7C, 3.4C

    Measurement, Data & Multi-Digit Computation with Marble Rolls

      • Revisiting Place Value & Three-Digit Computation: 2.2ABCD, 2.4BCD, 2.7BC, 3.2ABCD
        • Building Marble Rolls & Collecting Data: 2.9CDE, 2.10B
          • Collecting & Analyzing More Marble Roll Data: 2.2BCD, 2.9ABCDE, 2.10B
            • Student-Conducted Surveys: 2.9DE, 2.10BCD

            Social Studies:

            Understanding Our History and Culture

            In this unit, students will examine the impact of significant events on the history of the community, as well as, the state and nation. Students begin to develop the concepts of time and chronology. Students will build on their understanding of the local community, state, and nation in order to identify and explain the importance of celebrations, landmarks, and works of art. Students will broaden their views of the communities to which they belong and the world to include state and nation.


            Aquatic Habitats and Plants

            Organisms and Environments