Top 10 Technology Rules for parents

By: David Klassen 6L

Rule #1:

No using cell phones while driving. That means no texting or talking on your phone.

This can cause major accidents.

The safer way to talk while driving is blue tooth.

Rule #2

DO NOT open files from strangers that say "This video is so cool! Check it out!".

It could contain a virus.

Rule #3

Do not always have firewall on because viruses can get in if firewall is off.
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Rule #4

Respect the technology. What you have is far smarter than a human.

Rule #5

Have a good and strong password. You don't want people hacking into Farmville right?

Rule #6

When you are not using your webcam, cover it. Someone could hack into it.
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He sees you

Rule #7

Always know what you are doing. Don't randomly press buttons. Your computer will Lag.
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Rule #8

Don't give away personal info to strangers! that stranger could be Old Man Jenkins!
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Rule #9

Be safe! Never give anyone your password.

Rule #10 (most important)

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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One Text, Two Lives - The Consequences of Texting and Driving