Mr. Lemoncello Library Olympics!!!

By: Jadyn Goff

The Plot

In this story it it all about these kids who have won a smaller library game. Now the world wants a chance to play. So a few kids from all regions try to get in, when the finales are ready they start the Library Olympics. In this there are 12 games, Kyle and his teammates have to work together to win. In the book Charles tries to destroy the Library and make it his own library.the kids also have to fix that. In the 11 game they realize some books are missing. So when the owner (Mr. Lemoncello) sees that and can't figure it out he decides to cancel the Olympics. Kyle's team and a few kids work together to find the books, little did they know that was the 12 game.

Difference in Characters

In my book two main characters are Kyle and Charles but they are very different. Charles is very evil he is trying to get rid of Mr. Lemoncello when Kyle is trying his best to save the Mr. Lemoncello Library. Both Kyle and Charles are hardworking, but they use their hard work for very different things. Charles is trying very hard to get rid of Mr. Lemoncello and for him to go back to new york. Charles is also trying to ruin the Library Olympics.Then there is Kyle who is trying to find the missing books, and win the Libray Olympics. As you can see both boys are hard working but they use it for different things.

The Main Characters

My Response

After I read this book I thought it was the BEST. It is one of my all time favorites. In the top 5.This book is amazing because it makes you think, not only do the characters have to solve problems looking at clues, but I can do it do. That is just one thing I love about this book. Another thing is that this book is great with problem solving, it has the characters problem solve all the time in which I enjoy.