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Weekly Report #4: September 9, 2021

PTSA Message from Mr. Isaac Matzek about Upcoming PTSA Meeting

I want to first start off by thanking all of you for writing your name down on the list at schedule pick up that you would be willing to see if PTSA would be something you would be interested in participating in to support our school community as well as taking the time to fill out the Google Form. On August 26, I sent out an email to all of you requesting you to fill out a Google Form with possible time that would best fit into your schedule for our first PTSA meeting of the school year. After viewing these responses we are going to meet on Thursday, September 16 @ 6:30 – 7:30. This will be a virtual meeting over Google Meet to kick off the school year. The link is below. I will send out a reminder link as well the day before and the day of our meeting so that you all have it.

First PTSA Meeting Google Meet Link

No matter if you have filled out the form or not, you are all welcome to join us September 16. Remember this is your organization and meeting.

Thank you for your support to Jaguar Nation!

Mr. Matzek

Fastbridge Assessment: Weeks of Sept 20th and Sept 27th

During the weeks of September 20th and 27th, students will be taking the Fastbridge assessment in their math and English classes. This is a short assessment that should be finished within one class period that gives us an idea of your student’s level in their two areas and whether or not they are at risk for falling behind. From this assessment interventions can be created to assist your student if needed. It is very important that students do their best on these assessments so that needed interventions are on target. Please encourage your child to take this assessment seriously. Scores on the assessment can be shared with you beginning the 27th for reading and October 4th for math by emailing Mrs. Whalen at pawhalen@rochesterschools.org.

JM Football Games

If attending any football games, middle school students must be accompanied by an adult. Thank you for understanding.

***Reminder to sign your child up to get the flu vaccine at school!***

JOHN ADAMS on September 28, 2021

The registration deadline for the school-located flu immunization clinic is approaching! Registration will close on September 15 at 11:00 p.m. Please make sure to register your child online at http://www.semnic.org/schoolfluclinics.aspx. Online registration is preferred, but forms are available in the office.

Please remind your child the day of your school’s clinic. Please make sure your child wears a top that provides easy access to the upper arm.

Procedure for communication and health office protocols

  • Please make sure students are coming through the office for physical or mental health needs.
  • If your child sends a text home, they still need to go through student services and the health office.
  • The office will work with student to call parent/guardian for pick up.

  • If students become symptomatic in class/at school
  • Teachers will NOT send student to health office
  • Call Health Office to report symptoms
  • Wait for designated escort to come to classroom
  • If a student reports a positive COVID result in class (family or self)
  • Ask student if they are experiencing any symptoms
  • Report information to JA COVID Coordinators (Goetz & Nance)
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Dashboard reflects reported cases in the school buildings or programs. Dashboard will include the name of buildings reporting cases for that week.

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Safe and Open Schools Plan

Please use this guide to answer questions at your site regarding mitigation strategies.

**As of Tuesday 9/7/21, Dr. Pekel has the authority to make changes to masking policy as needed. Also, students age 2 to 5 years in preschool programming will be required to wear masks while indoors.

Review quarantine section for close contact determination.

  • In the classroom: students 0 to 3 feet from infected individual are considered a close contact and need to quarantine.
  • Mealtimes, including in the classroom: students 0 to 6 feet from infected individual are considered close contact (unmasked when eating) and need to quarantine.
  • Students in the classroom beyond 3 to 6 feet from the infected individual are considered close contacts, but would NOT need to quarantine if masks were worn.
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Google Classroom when Absent, Quarantined or assigned Alternative Suspension

If your child is absent from school due to being quarantined, or assigned Alternative Suspension, our teachers are prepared to do the following:

  • Create a Google Classroom for each class
  • Post all assignments (with links) in a timely manner
  • Be prepared to start instruction for quarantined students on or before the students third day of a consecutive absence
  • Connect with students once a week (during school hours) for classes that meet each day
  • Email
  • Google Meet Conferences
  • School Phone
  • Provide feedback on work done outside of school on a weekly basis
  • Follow grading guidelines and timelines

Explicitly teach students how to:

  • Connect with the teacher
  • Request help
  • Access learning resources
  • Provide instruction in multiple modes (Screencastify, videos, slide shows, exemplars)

It will be important for your child to check their school email and the Google classrooms daily. THANK YOU!

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Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures @ John Adams Middle School

Student pick-up and drop-off are two very busy times of day at John Adams! In order to keep all families safe (and to limit frustration), please follow these procedures from 7:55-8:20 and 2:30-until all busses are gone.

Doors open at 8:05 a.m. Students will social distance outside until 8:05 a.m.

  • Door 1 – Grade 6
  • Door 2 – Grade 7
  • Door 9 – Grade 8

Students then enter the building and go to their classrooms. Students will eat breakfast in their first hour classrooms. If a student has first hour Science or Phy Ed class, they are required to eat their breakfast in the cafeteria/auditorium. The main circle/turn around near the main entrance is reserved for buses ONLY before/after school.

If you drive your child to John Adams, refer to the diagram (above) to understand expected traffic patterns. Cars entering/dropping off students should enter the parking lot on the east side of the building in the entrance only and let students out at the curb side of the parking lot next to the building. End of day, buses will utilize the curb area all the way to the stop sign on 31st Street. Handicap parking is available in the front of the John Adams Parking lot.

When waiting for your child after school, please be aware that other cars are arriving and leaving behind you. Good drop off and pick up areas are marked with a star on the map.

CAUTION. While we work to get all students to use crosswalks, this does not always happen. Be alert to students who may be crossing outside of crosswalks!
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John Adams Digital Yearbooks 1971-2020

Still missing 1972. If anyone has a copy we can borrow to upload, we'd appreciate it. Enjoy!