King of the Court

Round 1 Update - USAWeb Dominating in Crunch Time

Round 1

Tivity's King of the Court Challenge tipped-off last night at 6:30 with representatives from USAWeb, StackPop, Ted and FanDuel coming out to play some competitive b-ball. These guys brought some serious game, thus confirming our assumption that had they not gone the entreprenurial route, they could've at least ridden the pine next to the likes of Fredrick Weiss.

Round 1 Highlights

Game 1

USAWeb beat StackPop 15-13 on a game winning 2 pointer by Steve Puerto (V.P of Strategic Development at USAWeb)

Game 2

Team Ted beat Fan Duel 11-7 with some gritty defense and a few solid give-and-gos.

Game 3

USAWeb & StackPop combined forces to beat Team Ted & Fanduel 15-14 on another game winning 2 pointer by Steve Puerto. Asked after the game about his performance, Steve responded with completely silence...mainly because he was catching his breath from the unseasonably cool temperature (although he display ice in his veins when the game came down to the wire...twice). For video of game three check out this link on YouTube

FanDuel Takes it Hard to the Hole!

Tivity 3-on-3 King of the Court Challenge

This Week's Spotlight - FanDuel is reinventing the way fantasy sports are played. Doing away with season-long fantasy format, we're the leader of the daily fantasy sports industry, where players can compete against each other in 1-day and 1-week leagues for real cash.

If Isaiah Thomas was reappointed GM of the Knicks, what we he do on his first day in offce?
Isiah Thomas would immediately sign the most overhyped and talentless player he could find. It wouldn't matter much because if he took control back every Knicks fan on Earth would either commit mass suicide or become a Nets fan.

If your company was any NBA team, which one would it be and why?
The Thunder; we've got savvy veterans who have been around the block, leadership, all-around versatility and superstar-level young talent that's hungry as hell. (Unless you're referring to our basketball team...superstar is definitely not a word I'd apply).

How do you think Walt Frazier would describe the collective game of your team?
Dishing & Swishing, Hustling & Bustling, Baffling Defense.

What are some projects your company or organization is excited about in the next 3-6 months?
The FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship (FFFC). This is the biggest fantasy football tournament in the world, and we're hosting our live final in Las Vegas in December, with a $500,000 prize pool. Needless to say, we're pretty pumped.

Round 2

Round 2 is scheduled for Thursday evening. We heard some rumblings about potential schedule conflicts. Let us know your availability ASAP and we will get an answer to you soon.

In the meantime, check out Tivity for local pick-up games happening nearby.