The Risks and Rewards

Texting While Driving


One reward is that you can see if there is a emergency. "They are always in a hurry for information" ( .A second explanation is that they want to show off their phones to other drivers. "They simply want to show off" (

Lastly, the teens just get bored and don't think they will get hurt. "they believe there is a small chance they will get hurt" (


Risks for texting while driving is you can seriously injure or possibly even kill an innocent bystander. " In Kansas City, a 16 year old student caused a tragic traffic accident that killed a woman; 72 years old. This was the first texting and driving accident in the area. Rachel Gannon was charged with second- degree voluntary manslaughter. She will be treated as an adult in the case. If you were in an accident, and need a Boca Raton personal injury lawyer, contact us today for more information." Another risk that can happen when you are texting while driving is that you can hurt or kill yourself. "A 21 year old Texas college student, Chance Bothe, ended up in the hospital while texting and driving. He had to spend six months in the hospital to recover from his injuries."
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