Costa Rica


Costa Rica is located in Central America. There are 3 important physical features in Costa Rica which are the Tenorio Volcano, Abangares River, and Sapoá River. The Tenorio volcano reaches a maximum height of 6,287 feet.

Costa Rica Gained independence from Spain on September 15,1821

Costa Rican government

Costa Rica has a democratic republic as their type of government. Their government is run by Luis Guillmero Solís. The Costa Rican government gets along very well with all the other countries for example helped El Salvador end their civil war.

Trading information

Costa Rica has a currency called the Costa Rican colón. The Costa Ricans import refined petroleum, integrated circuits, and printed circuit boards. They get all of these goods from the U.S., Mexico, China, and Malaysia. But Costa Rica exports integrated circuits, official machine parts, and medical instruments. They send these goods to the U.S., Netherlands, Mexico, China, and Malaysia.

Costa Rica is a Spanish speaking country because they used to be controlled by Spain

When you go to Costa Rica would you know where to go?

You should visit Costa Rica because of their beaches, surfing, adventures, rain forests, volcanoes, wildlife, even food. The top places that tourists go to are the Arenal Volcano, Celeste River, Manuel Antonio National Park, Tamarindo and Monteverde, Puerto viejo de sarapiqui, and Joco.

Costa Rican main cities

The capital of Costa Rica is San José. Two major cities in Costa Rica are Puerto Limón, and San Francisco