Cordelia Hills Update


Principals Message

Cordelia Hills and all FSUSD schools are open today and plan on being open all week. We currently have power and the air quality on campus is in the good range. As a reminder, you will receive a phone call and email if school is closed. Please make sure you have updated emergency contact and email addresses on file.

Thanks to all of the Trunk or Treat participants. We collected 2000 lbs of candy and had over 35 trunks on Friday night. Another fantastic community event for our school and beyond. Thanks everyone.

Air Quality Guidelines

Check the "Current Conditions" at Air Now ( Our guidelines for school and school activities:

  • If we are in Green/Yellow - Outdoor activities as normal
  • If we are in Orange - Outdoor activities can happen, but should be limited. Keep a close eye on students who may fall in the "sensitive group" and provide them with alternative, inside activities. We are OK to have lunch outside, but PE should be conducted inside.
  • If we are in Red - We are OK to have activities/athletics, but only inside. Lunch/recess should take place indoors. No outside activities (including practice for athletics) should be taking place.
  • If you are in the Purple/Maroon - Students should remain indoors and District is contacted to discuss additional supports.

Halloween Parade

We will host our annual Halloween Day Parade on October 31st at approximately 8:30. Students will parade through the quad that day and parents can view the parade while sitting/standing in the quad. Each class will walk through the quad and then head to class.

Students are allowed to wear costumes that day. Please no blood, gore, or play weapons. Additionally, masks need to be off after the parade. We need to be able to see those faces all day!

Thanks much!

Attendance Challenge 2019-2020

We are hosting an attendance challenge from October 21-November 14. One winning class with the BEST overall attendance percentage will get to have some fun on November 15th. Classes are voting on the option for our school. Also, any day we are 15 or less absent, the whole school will receive a prize the next day.

The last 3 weeks of attendance has been poorer this month. 8/20 days have been 96% or below and we've only hit our goal of 97.5% once this month. The research is clear. Attendance habits established in elementary school persist through the remainder of a students academic career. Please commit to being at school every single day that you are healthy!

CHE Attendance Sheet 2019-2020

2019-2020 Upcoming Calendar Events

Halloween Parade, October 31st (All students start at 8:20, parade starts at approx 8:30ish)

No School November 8th (non student day) or 11th (Veterans Day).

Minimum Days, November 18-November 22: 8:20-11:50 (all students, TK out at 11:40)

2019-2020 Calendar. Please plan around holidays. We want your children here everyday!

Daily Schedule:

1st-5th Schedule: Monday-Friday

8:20 -2:30

Kindergarten Schedule: Monday-Friday

Early: 8:20 am-1:20 pm (3 classes)

Late: 9:20 am-2:20 pm (2 classes)

TK, Monday-Friday

AM: 8:20-11:40

**Exception for nine minimum days for report card conferences/last day of school.

QUAD Stair Policy

Old Policy: Students should descend quad staircases using the side staircases (the ones with two railings).

New Policy: Students should descend quad staircases using any staircase with a railing. Please avoid using the large staircases when coming down. It isn't safe.

Free Breakfast for ALL students, 2019-2020

Starting this year, breakfast is free for all students (free, reduced, and paid accounts).

The Cover Letter in English and Spanish is linked here! Breakfast at CHE starts at approximately 7:50.

Please note that students reporting to breakfast must remain in the MPR for the entirety of the period before school. We ask that they avoid walking about campus and report directly to the breakfast.

Staying Up-to-date with our Cordelia Hills PTA

Membership drive is on. Check out the details below!

PTA Webpage:

PTA Calendar for 2019-2020

Cordelia Public Library--Did you know!

All Cordelia Hills students are automatically enrolled as members of the Solano County Library system. To access materials and online-resources, they use the following log-in credentials:

FSU and student ID (6 digit perm ID). Example: FSU123456


Phone number: Do not use a phone #. Actually put the month and day of bday. So October 24 is 1024

They can use the same information to access up to 3 print materials at the library.

Check out the website!