How to be Successful 6th Graders!

A tale told by Audrey and Natalie

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If you have gone to school at Hickory Hills in the past years, you would know that you are getting Chromebooks in middle school. In order to take care of it you need to keep it away from food and drinks, charge it overnight, and keep it in the case while you are switching classes. Also, don't hold the Chromebook case with only one handle or the handle will tear off. Our 6th grade math classes, Mrs. Killian and Mr. Call, allow you to listen to music if you get your work done and behave. But just a note from your good 'ol Natalie, listen to GOOD music.


The Strike System is new to most 5th graders. You're basically following the Three Rs. Just know not to disrespect teachers, definitely don't go on the wrong site on your Chromebook, don't turn in anything late, make sure to turn in everything necessary, and don't run in the hallways. Follow these rules and try to get the least strikes possible! If you don't get 10 strikes, then at the end of the school year you will be rewarded greatly!
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Lockers get most 5th graders nervous. But once you go to 5th grade orientation, Mr. Vega will tell you about how to unlock your locker. Just don't forget your locker combination and don't let anybody know the combo and you should be fine!
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