Polygons News Update

An Absolute Must Read

Page 2 of the Content - New Items Tuesday evening

Beginning on page 2 of Polygons Section 2, there are some issues with the content.

The first is the description of a rectangle; it states that ABCD is a square, but actually shows a rectangle. Assume ABCD is a rectangle, not a square for this example.

Page 3 of the Content - New items Tuesday Evening

Under Theorem Isosceles Trapezoid Diagonals, you are asked to find the length of diagonals and angles for isosceles trapezoid CDEF but the picture shown is rectangle ABCD, so it is not possible to do so.

Also, the very next diagram shows a triangle to demonstrate the midsegment theorem for trapezoids. (Obviously this is the wrong picture.)


Just below that you're asked to find AD, which I imagine is supposed to be the midsegment of a trapezoid, but a picture of a parallelogram is shown.


Also on page 3, KITE is defined with a picture of a square instead of a kite. It then asks you to use the following kite to answer a question and a rectangle is shown.


Next, under Theorem Kite Diagonals you are given the theorem, then given kite ABCD with measurements of 8, 8, 8, 16 and some explanations on finding BC, CD, and the measure of <BAD. This diagram is fine, but it doesn't match the measurements in the explanations at all.

Page 4 of the Content - New Items Tuesday Evening

Under AREA OF A TRIANGLE, you see a picture of a rectangle. (wrong.) You are then asked to find the area of RTSU, but you're given a parallelogram that does not have any letters attached to it, so it's not possible.


Under AREA OF A KITE, a picture of a rectangle is shown. (wrong again.) You are then asked to find the area of trapezoid EFGH and given a picture of a rectangle AND to find the area of kite ABCD and given a picture of a square, so obviously again, you cannot do so.


Do note that the last two examples on page 4 are ok.