Elizabeth 1

Queen of England

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4 Accomplishments

1) Kept England out of foreign entanglements

2) Because of her love for her kingdom, she was known as one of the most successful rulers of England

3) She had no children, so her successor rose to the throne peacefully

4) men and women of the arts rose and were successful, like William Shakespeare

4 Negatives

1) Spain attacked them

2) there were lots of problems with her cousin, the Scottish Queen

3) Mary, her cousin, plotted the murder of Elizabeth

4) Because she didn't marry, no one knew who was going to take the thrown once she died

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William Shakespeare

William was very big during the reign of Elizabeth I
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Family Life

Elizabeth is the daughter of King Henry VII and Anne Boleyn. She never married and never had any kids. She had an older half-sister Mary I. She was the original heir to the throne but then she married King of Spain so the throne went to Elizabeth. She also had a half-brother Edward VI but he died at the age of 15. Her father was Anglican, so Elizabeth was too.

Queen Elizabeth I "The Virgin Queen" (1533-1603) - Pt 1/3