Jay Upper Elementary

On the Move Creating Learning for Every Student

Observations December 10, 2015

It was my pleasure to spend time "looking for learning' at the Upper Elementary School in Jay, Oklahoma on December 10, 2015. It was easy to find!

Articulation of Expectations

The principal, Marvin Stockton, was well prepared. Curriculum maps and benchmark testing data were on file. As the faculty moves to a clear consistent format to record the analysis of the data, learning will be made more obvious.
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Learning Targets Were Clear

GCD, Long division, Conservation of energy, Persuasive posters, Including details, ...

Teacher Strategies Were Effective

Evidence of preparation

Routines established

Discipline procedures

A learning environment established

Lesson objectives communicated to students

All learners involved

Objectives related to life or previous lessons

Content explained

Directions explained

Modeling for students

Guiding practice

Providing for independent practice

Students talking together about the learning target

Opportunities for students to compare Students writing about the learning target

Students reading about the learning target

Opportunities for students to analyze mistakes

Opportunities for students to solve problems

Opportunities for students to practice inquiry

Attention to a Growth Mindset

As teachers begin to include the vocabulary of a growth mindset into every lesson, the students will begin to adopt this way of thinking.

Grit, Perseverance, Keep trying, Hard work...

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Attention to Distritct Expectations

Jay Public Schools


Jay Public Schools will ensure rigorous and relevant learning for students that develops confident and responsible citizens prepared for a global society.

Goal for the Subject of Writing in the Ideal State

All Jay students will have deep understanding, be fluent in discussion

of the discipline of writing and be able to write to communicate effectively

in all disciplines to enter the global society.


In May 2015, a district team of language arts teachers collaborated to create a document to ensure vertical alignment in the subject of writing. The following is an expression of their work. The document includes expectations in regard to standards and learning targets, the writing process, modes of writing, expected vocabulary, reinforcement of past learning targets, word study, the confrontation of plagiarism, handwriting and word processing, a listing of editing marks, grade level commitments and administrators’ responsibilities.

Sorry I Missed the Closure of Lessons

The time of my visits did not allow me to see teacher closure of lessons. I was sorry because research tells us that closure of lessons is the second most important time to review the learning targets with the students.

Recognition of Achievement

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A Good Place to Be

This school is a good place to be, to work, to learn. The teachers, the principal and all staff members are creating a solid environment in which all to learn.


Dr. Judi Barber

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