Temperate grasslands

By: Branton, Danielle, Joseph, and Shiann

About the prairie

The Temperate Grassland Biome is predominantly vegetation and the temperature ranges from semi-arid to semi-humid.

Animals of the Temprate Grasslands

Some of the animals in the temperate grassland are bumblebee, American bald eagle, Coyote, Prarie dog, and badger. The genus and species of a Bumblebee are Bombus and Bimaculatus. The genus and species of the American Bald eagle are Haliaeetus and Leucocephalus. It is commonly known as FIsh eagle and sea eagle. The genus and species of a coyote are Canis and Latrans. The genus and species for a prairie dog are Cynomys and Ludovicicianus. The genus and species of a Badger are Taxidea and Taxus.

By: Shiann Smith


Most temperate grasslands are located north and south of the Tropic of cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. That is 23.5 degrees north and 23.5 degrees south. The major grasslands are the veldts of Africa. The major grasslands are the pampas of South America. Also, the major grasslands of Europe are the steppes and the plains are North America. If you decide to go where temperate grasslands are located, you should go to temperate grasslands during summer or spring. Some attractions to go to is the South Dakota national park located in the united states

Written by: Joseph Dorfman


Temperate grasslands have hot summers and cool winters. The summers have tempratures that can range to be over 100 degrees farenheit (37.8 degrees Celsius). The winters van be as low as -40 degrees farenheit (-40 degrees celsius). There is usually 10 to 15 inches of precipitation per year. Most of it occurs in the late spring and early summer. Snow often serves as a reservoir of moisture for the beginning of the growing season. Seasonal drought and occasionball fire help maintain the grassland. If you decide to vist the Temprate Grasslands, wear shorts and a t-shirt for the spring and summer, but don't forget a coat for the fall and winter months.

By: Danielle Maltby

Plants of the temperate grassland

The Bluestem grass is commonly kmown as turkey feet and beard grass. Its Genus is Andropogon and its species is Geradii. The blue Grama Grass is used for erosion control browsing and is ocassionly used as a decoritive plant.Its Genus is Bouteloua and its species is gracilis. Milk weed is commonly called blood-flower and tropical milk weed. the roots and flowers are the parts that are usually used. Its genus is Asclepias and its species is Curassavica. Buffalo grass is used for turf and feed. Its genus is Buchloe and its species is dactyloides. By: Branton Barnes

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