Essential Oils for Horses & Vets

Using medicinal grade Essential Oils for balancing

Bug Spray (Part 2) for Horses Made with Essential Oils

Natural horse health solutions are effective, safe, and economical

For pennies-per-dose, how can essential oils help with:

*balancing mood of horse to prep for riding or grooming

*balancing digestive & hydration issues

*getting rid of hoof rot and rain rot

*post-ride calming and soothing

*managing spider bites! ticks, biting flies! and Mosquitos...

bone issues, ...and more

Equine lavendar application by Joan Sorita

Registration Required, space is limited at Essential Oil Use for Horse and Vets, first come first serve basis.

Sunday, Dec. 14th, 1:30pm

Your farm, United States

Two hour class includes take home folder with handouts and graphics, & basic instruction with demonstration, question and answer time. Veterans are free, all others $12.00 fee.

Brought to you by Team Gods Oils of Central Washington

If you would like to host this class, contact Valerie Scott see below. This is a fun class combining horses and natural health. Valerie Scott has over 4o years with horses and is a natural horsemanship trail coach and saddle fitter. She competes in Endurance, Competitive Trail, and has working ranch experience. Her passion is horses and health.

Her daughter is an OIF/OEF Purple Heart recipient who uses essential oils to manage

PTSD, seizures from traumatic brain injury, insomnia, and more.

Find us on Facebook: Veterans with PTSD Hope with Oils Project.

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This is for informational purposes only. Not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. If given the right ingredients, the body heals itself.

Any opinions expressed are strictly that of the instructor. Professional medical attention is always advised.